Henry at Agincourt by William Shakespeare (1599) | Radio Drama (1956)

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A sequence from William Shakespeare’s Henry V devised for broadcasting on the eve of St George’s Day 1956.

Produced: by John Gibson
Chorus, John Neville
King Henry the Fifth, Richard Burton
Sir Thomas Erpingham, Martin Lewis Duke of Gloucester / Earl of Westmorland
Herald, Richard Bebb
Pistol, John Gabriel
Gower, George Merritt
Fluellen, Dudley Jones
Williams, Manning Wilson
Bates / Duke of York, Geoffrey Matthews
Duke of Bedford, Hamilton Dyce
Duke of Exeter, Richard Williams
Earl of Salisbury, Olaf Pooley
Montjoy, Peter Howell

Produced by John Gibson.

First broadcast on the BBC Home Service – Sunday 22 April 1956
Production Company: BBC

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    Magnificent. And who is the artist of this equally magnificent painting?

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