H. G. Wells Things To Come – looking back at a piece of sci-fi history

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Today we look at the 1936 sci-fi movie – H. G. Well’s Things To Come. An epic film which predicts the Second World War, and a terrifying vision of the potential unending war it could plunge us into.

Not only does this film deserve a place as an early piece of science fiction, it’s worth watching as this film and it’s fears would be very much in the minds of those who watched it at the dawn of the Second World War – indeed my own grandmother would talk to me about it pressing on her thoughts throughout the war.

I take a look at the film – how fiction and fact differed, and some of H. G. Well’s thoughts of a possible utopia that could come after.

The film is available in some areas to watch on YouTube – whether it’s in the public domain varies from country to country. It can be found here …

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