Guitar Book Club: Louis Bellson ‘Modern Reading Text in 4/4’ Review –

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In this new series called ‘Guitar Book Club’ I’ll be reviewing guitar books and resources that I personally love. Some of the books educate while others entertain and inspire.

This week we review Louis Bellson’s excellent rhythm reading books. Click through below to get them from Amazon!

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10 Responses

  1. MingusTale says:

    I love this video series because I really want to buy some books for learning guitar, and I keep wishing that there were more people on youtube reviewing guitar books since it is my favourite platform for reviews and what I usually use when deciding on purchases. I'd also like to say I love your relaxing style of videos in general and great advice. Please keep it going!

  2. jakemf1 says:

    I used that book in college! I have just started going through it again to brush up and I just came across your video, keep up the great work. Perhaps play through some of the examples so others can play with you? Just a thought

  3. Marc Moyle says:

    Its great to see reviews on books as there are so many out there it makes it that much easier on making a decision, thanks!

  4. 2112frankthetank2112 says:

    you rock!!!!

  5. Steve Pigott says:

    Thanks Levi, glad you're enjoying the series 🙂 It's an awesome book, I highly recommend it! (and it's super cheap on Amazon)

  6. Steve Pigott says:

    Thanks man, lots of geeky recommendations coming up! 🙂

  7. Bert Mon says:

    This is so awesome steve, Im so glad you going to do this series because I am a music geek also thanks again bruthah.

  8. levi spaargaren says:

    love these video series ! i dont get why more people are subscribed to your channel really… 😛 im probably going to buy that book ! 🙂 i can use it at school they give me this kind of stuf all the time ! haha.

  9. Steve Pigott says:

    Great, I'm glad you like the series idea! Some really great books coming up…

  10. Michael Holmes says:

    This is a great idea for a series, I hope you continue it as it could really be the perfect source for those that are either just starting or just want to brush up, I have already added those books to my amazon wishlist myself.

    Keep up the good work!

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