Gore Vidal on Aaron Burr

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A short clip from Vice-Precedence: Being Number Two in the White House featuring the Aaron Burr section of our interview with Gore Vidal. More at VicePrecedence.com

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27 Responses

  1. Seynab Abdi says:

    Great piece of historical analysis

  2. Marina Pratt says:

    Aaron Burr, sir.

  3. Delaney Arnett says:

    Funny how Burr did Jefferson such a huge favor by dueling Hamilton. To paraphrase Thomas Fleming, he destroyed Hamilton literally (with a bullet), and destroyed his own political career. Hamilton had fallen out of favour, but his death reestablished his popularity for a time, and Burr was ruined. By his own actions.

  4. E.L. S. says:

    I'm currently reading Gore Vidal's BURR. It's a slow read the first 100 or so pages and then it picks up. Now, it's a hard book to put down.

  5. Jack Stanley says:

    Thomas Jefferson was a snake …..I find him a lot like Richard Nixon ..but without the humor…Few people in our history were as nasty, backbiting, and a downright lying scoundrels as was Jefferson… He has been given a free ride historically and really is not the beloved person he has been made out to be…He ruined the lives of many people and friends….

  6. Jack Stanley says:

    I love Aaron Burr…..

  7. Love BronBron says:

    Aaron burr didn't murder alexander hammelton it was a duel.

  8. h.thomas ackermann says:

    Gore Vidal and Al Gore are related to Burr, they are from the same lineage. His adoration of the deviant Burr who murdered one of america's greatest visionaries, A. Hamilton, is subterfuge not history

  9. Naresh Kumar says:

    History is often described as the lie of the victors. Aaron Burr is – was – a divisive figure. I've read Vidal's 'Burr'. A fascinating book indeed, but it flies in the face of the normally accepted history that labels Burr as a traitor, a secessionist, who was let off with mere misdemeanor. But really, none can sit in judgement on him.

  10. Noelle Erickson says:

    … Oh. he's already dead?

    Well, can I just go vandalize his grave or something?

  11. Noelle Erickson says:

    Hehe… *Takes knife* Hey, do you know if Gore Vidal is still alive, because if he is, I wanna know where he is…

  12. Noelle Erickson says:

    Well, Gore Vidal is an ass too! Eesh!

  13. Noelle Erickson says:

    *Hug* Don't worry, you're much nicer **And cuter** than Aaron-kun.

    There's a boy in my class named Aaron….. He's an ass too.

  14. lloydbarker says:

    Rest In Peace Mr. Vidal. Thank you for doing this interview with us and your endorsement of our film saying we were: "Better interviewers than Ken Burns." The two hours I spent interviewing Mr. Vidal were some of the most extraordinary of my life. I will always be grateful to Mr. Vidal for agreeing to this interview and for my signed copies of BURR and LINCOLN. Saying Thanks doesn't seem enough. He was incredible and a kind and generous man. We are truly grateful to him for this.

  15. Alex Johnson says:

    Aaron Burr probably qualifies as America's most unlucky founding father. A soldier, politician, gentleman, and feminist waaaaay ahead of his time, he was undermined by being on the wrong side of power after the revolution. By taking sides against Washington, he earned the ire of men like Hamilton and Jefferson, who destroyed his career and reputation. I really find him fascinating.

  16. MikeSears100 says:

    Aaron Burr would have been the Greatest President in this nation's history.

  17. Lisa Carter says:

    @LowBid86 thomas jefferson was a snake, even if one chooses not to believe the evidence regarding sally hemings, jefferson was totally untrustworthy and a show pony—think of gumby, but stoned. and yet he has the best reputation for his ability to propagate; go figure.

  18. YouTubosloven says:

    Aaron Burr
    – was the greatest traitor of the USA,
    – was a spy of the British Empire

    The British Empire (by means of the oligarchical monetary system) is now finishing its job in destroying the USA. The British Empire will rule over the USA (once government defaults, JPMorgan will rule over the USA) if the Americans don't wake up.


  19. LowBid86 says:

    Aaron Burr was a gentleman, it was his downfall when dealing with the likes of the treacherous Jefferson and the unsavoury Hamillton.

  20. jetsetjoey says:

    You forgot or neglected to mention W.T.C. Blg #7… which provides UNEQUIVOCAL PROOF that 9/11 was an "inside Job" (l.e., False Flag op.). Hell, even the bastard, who took out the record insurance policy just weeks prior, flippin` admitted, in a live interview, that "they gave the order to go ahead & pull it."!!!

  21. tomthefunky says:

    @mrbrianmccarthy: C'mon, Brian, you think we deserved 9/11, don't you? Admit it.

  22. Julian Eaton says:

    thanks so much for the post.

  23. tomthefunky says:

    @mrbrianmccarthy: "To me, Hell is The United States". Now, Brian, what is someone supposed to make of that statement? The man is so fucked in the head, it's beyond belief. He thinks Bush caused 9/11, thinks Roosevelt allowed Pearl Harbor and he's got a soft spot for Tim McVeigh. Oh, yeah, he's also soft on child pornography. He's an anti-semite and he's filled with as much hatred as any skinhead or fascist goon. You admire him all you want, buddy. Be my guest.

  24. tomthefunky says:

    @mrbrianmccarthy: The amount of history one knows does not make you a decent human being.
    "Any man that hates America, hates himself"- Brendan Behan.

  25. tomthefunky says:

    Gore Vidal is crackpot. He is a seriously disturbed man.

  26. Maeve says:

    The establishment view is that there was no such agreement. Jefferson was very careful to make sure he left no records on certain subjects. This is one reason Burr is demonized – because Jefferson has to be a saint.

  27. Flint Ten says:

    Vidal is a novelist, so strict historical accuracy is not his objective. But 'Burr' is a great book; I re-read it a few years ago.

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