Gogol Bordello Malandrino (With Lyrics)

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New single from the album “Pura Vida Conspiracy” (2013)
“Gogol Bordello y sus Amigos”

My birth I can hardly remember
But I remember from the start
My midwives looking at each other
“Wow, this boy is born with singing heart”

All doors for him will now fly open
For everybody loves a nut
It’s true once they threw me in trenches
Front line amigos sure love that

Malandro, Malandro, Malandrino
Truffaldo, Truffaldo, Truffaldino
Malandro, Malandro, Malandrino
I was born with singing heart

Those midwives were like politicians
To bickering they were so proud
One said “life is beautiful gift, boy”
Other one said “government loan”

I still don’t know which one is right girl
And you know I don’t really care
I got to keep my heart a-singing
And for that anything I’ll dare

Oh, for that anything, anything I’ll dare


крекс фекс пекс
крекс фекс пекс
крекс фекс пекс
and make-up sex


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12 Responses

  1. Dandog Zbutt says:

    The chorus are two words for trickster, mischievous, and dishonest. very interesting to such a happy song to sing about, idk, the mischievous and dishonest parts of them? the English parts of the song don't really mention stealing or tricking, so idk. but its interesting

  2. jenzontheroad2 says:

    Love it! But does sound a bit Mariachi El Bronx, yeh?  😀

  3. Rokenroleg says:

    Hate to tell you, but it's "To bickering they were so PRONE"

  4. Letranger says:

    This song, in particular, stands out as going back to the sparser sound of the earlier albums. The rest of the album strikes me as even less Gogol-y than this song. So it's interesting that you'd pick out this song.

  5. Saige Gibbons says:

    It's just a new chapter of Gogol Bordello. The insanity is still there, in this song though, it's just a little sparse. Nothing wrong with something a bit different!

  6. Fafnerluver922 says:

    They always have a way with words.

  7. Alicia Cox says:

    And make up sex!

  8. Pa šutiraj deeečkooo!!! says:

    bit too happy and a bit insufficiently psychotic for gogol bordello

  9. felipe says:

    kreks Fex Pecs 😀

  10. Alex Sol says:

    крекс фекс пекс :p

  11. jp akaj says:

    good one

  12. macdougall101 says:

    nice! in two months i'll be rolling in the good times!

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