Ghost Recon Wildlands – EASY Way To Takedown Predator!

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After taking down Predator myself over 10 times split between PC and Console i figured i would put everything i know together and share the EASY Way To Takedown Predator!

Coordinates To Location: -16.9428 , -59.7522

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41 Responses

  1. Carbon Meister says:

    For some reason the coordinates deleted from recording so they don't pop up in the video like i usually do but i did add them to the description! Also sorry if i sound sick been getting sick the last few days and it sucks 🙁 If anyone has ANY questions at all please feel free to let me know!

  2. Tom Wilson Eats Urinal Cakes Caps Fans Are Morons says:

    This mission Sucks!

  3. Drew Bailes says:

    I cant do it… anyone able to help??? I know this 2019 but pls

  4. Tabs T says:

    Chatting Bollocks

  5. James Bellinger says:

    I’ve done what you’ve said in this vid to the letter and he still manages to survive it just seems like nothing has a real affect on him

  6. Sly White Wolf says:

    Its a permeant event it doesn’t go away in 20 days.

  7. Sly White Wolf says:

    The strategy i used for PC extreme ghost mode no AI (first try cause if it was second id be on a new character) is grab a LMG and the BFG, first circle a tree i chose the big one to the left of the ammo box. Now when he runs around in camo use lmg to light him up and stay in line of sight but when he targets you pull out the BFG and shoot him

  8. M G says:

    I was able to do it with the ai and rebels from that spot but I have the strongest sniper in the game so it made it easier

  9. Delta9xray _ says:

    My friends and i just stood by the ammo box and constantly moved. We checked our corners and stuff and just moved and took shots at him (with rebel cannon faughter). He never really got a chance to lock on when we did it too. There were a couple times but we either shot before he did or grabbed cover and when we went down it was easy to get picked up.

  10. Vader420BlazeIt - says:

    This mission took me so long to do. I wish I found this video sooner.

  11. M20 FUZZLE says:


  12. vullrath says:

    how do you get the predator hair?

  13. beardedking247 says:

    Super easy kill. I struggled until I watched this video.

  14. Andrew Hagen says:

    This mission is Bullshit his shots curve around the rock or tree hiding behind

  15. Hallo Ween says:

    I’ve shot this fucker a ton of times and he never goes into the second phase. I also have a glitch where my team doesn’t revive me (I’m in SP mode). They run to me but nothing happens. How many times do you need to shoot this thing???

  16. Anthony Auriemma says:

    The predator isnt gone and one time I killed the predator and then a few months later I lost all my save data and today I just killed him again.

  17. Reesy Man says:

    Use he musket gun. It takes down choppers with one hit and it worked well for me to kill Predator and use the rock by the ammo crate for cover. Worked for me

  18. Flopca Martinec says:

    I've Done it Once just by running around the crate With The Ammo And the big rock right next to it, but that sucka killed me in the explosion. We couldn't do it Again So i've looked Up this guide, hope he's gonna go down today

  19. Daulton Jinks says:

    Thank you so much it really helps

  20. lurb 420 says:

    I still cant beat it fucking stupid asf

  21. Kermie says:


  22. Albert Einstein says:

    We beat him then he fucking blew up and killed us all

  23. Allokidar says:

    1 year later!!

  24. Demize74 says:

    Really wished they swapped the masks, I prefer the one with the dreads

  25. Angel Arvizu says:

    The rock and amo box is the best spot

  26. Clinton Smith says:

    Thank you this helped me out

  27. Filippo Gaffuri says:

    Very useful spot. Thank you

  28. GabeYT says:

    nibba help me

  29. Chris York says:

    Jesus the AI is fucking useless in this fight….

  30. Dan Martian says:

    They definitely updated the predator in ghost recon wildlands on ps4: The predator is not as active as yours. He will go through 3 stages:

    1. Running around camouflaged and sometimes becoming visible to scream at you

    2. Briefly becoming visible to shoot you with the plasma caster

    3. All hell breaks lose and becoming VERY active. To kill you with the plasma caster.

    So it's a whole lot different and takes a very long period of time to take down. Though I have killed him on PC and it was how the video says he is. And the spot that you use for fighting him is amazing! Cover is everywhere. Keep up the great work!

  31. GhostRemixHD | The Ghost Clan™ says:

    I need someone to help! Add me on ps4 Exocitic-_-TSFT

  32. WetWipes NaughtyNoodles says:

    I wait till he becomes not camouflaged and wait for him to put a laser on some one then shoot him, I keep doing this and he won’t die

  33. Carter Kenning says:

    It doesn’t work

  34. jesus carrizales says:

    I just ran around a tree and killed him like that. It took me three tries.

  35. 234dannyboy says:

    Killed him from this spot without being wounded once. Used a MK 17 with UGL attached and only took 140 rounds and 8 x UGL rounds in Tier One mode to bring him down. Calling in Rebel support is defiantly a must.


    Im on advanced because of the tier mode i dont wana be a pussy and turn it off but damm

  37. Adrian Guzman says:

    This helped so much!

  38. BLINDSHOTS200 5 says:


  39. Hambaga Yaro says:

    you did that like so easy.
    i will die hundred times

  40. ABitOfLevi says:

    Almost a year later i still haven’t beaten this bum its kinda annoying so if anyone sees this and has a ps4 hit me up my psn is Sanchez_Da_Beast

  41. Colder Coyote says:

    Thank you I just beat him with your strategy thank you for the tips

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