Francine Diaz – Lifestyle 2019,Boyfriend,Net worth,House,Car,Height,Biography, Kadenang Ginto

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#TonightWithBoyAbunda #kadenangginto #francinediaz2019updated #francine diaz

Francine Diaz – Lifestyle, Boyfriend, Net worth, House, Car, Height, Weight, Age, Biography 2018 , Kadenang Ginto

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Francine Diaz Life Story
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#TonightWithBoyAbunda #kadenangginto
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  2. Reymelan Sioco says:

    Ang ganda nyo po

  3. Meshan Masweng says:

    Net worth 5 million pesos, or dollars??

  4. Ändrieee Lorica says:


  5. Jhaymacuray Dawog says:

    Gnda tlga ni lodi

  6. Irene Metran says:

    Ate 14 years old palang ikaw may boy freind kana

  7. Jellybi P says:

    Woow prang ito na ang susunod sa yapak ni cathryn

  8. Xhonne Balubar says:

    hello francine matagal na kita crush!!!!

  9. ortiz family says:

    fake thumbs down bellow

  10. gfghgg rggh says:

    next to be miss universe,,,,

  11. gina berdan says:

    Ateneo exclusive for boys lang un for grade school and hyskul mali ata info mu,,,,anu b yan,,,,

  12. Cyril Isip says:

    I love you

  13. Marlon Dicion says:

    Im your fan every mon to fri i watching kadenang ginto

  14. Marlon Dicion says:

    Ate fransine you have a boy friend

  15. Marlon Dicion says:

    Ate fransine you are so pretty

  16. Janine Nolasco says:

    So ayon po. Fake po 'to. Si ate Francine ay nag-aaral sa MFA (Marvelous Faith Academy). And schoolmate ko siya. Atsaka 'chin' ang nickname niya. Hindi 'francy' ok? And Francine Carrel Saenz Diaz ang birthname niya.

  17. stella atillo says:

    ganda namn

  18. Alerton Anthony Flores says:

    january 27 is my grandfathers birthday

  19. Melissa Ladores says:

    Ano title ng song?

  20. cayl_ Otsiv says:

    Ateneo po si francine so nakikita nya si Joaquin montes?

  21. ilovegod says:

    Yung nationality parang hindi pinay parang pang miss u.

  22. Jun Roger Meneses says:

    HACKER balik mo na account ni Francine Diaz…. plsss gawan nalng kitang account kung gusto mo? Hehe jk lang peace

  23. nerysindol23 sindol says:

    It's not real

  24. Sweet Hot says:

    chin chin Gutierrez ang mukha nya

  25. Margarita Abuan says:


  26. Renz Du says:

    w0w Capricorn ang January [email protected]

  27. Marylyn Ramos says:

    Parehas kayo ni ate ANDREA B.

  28. Abdul Camag says:

    Parang tanga lang tong gumawa ng video.

  29. Wilfredo Tuso IV says:

    She love Kyle

  30. Arnel Capistrano Saenz Jr. says:

    imbento sa nick name na francy

  31. hello hi says:

    Puro mali namnnnn fake newssss duh

  32. Maria Alyssa Saminiano says:


  33. My Ships Are Superior In EXO says:

    I am older than her by ONE day.

  34. Christiana Dyann says:

    Ano title ng background music

  35. Sassy Cayanga says:

    i love her so much

  36. Jasmine Angelica Cruz Official says:

    Then si Kyle naman, hindi niya boyfriend. Ka-love team lang niya si Kyle sa Kadenang Ginto. ^_^

  37. •Its Angel • says:

    What did you use for edit?

  38. Cassandra Zhey Aquindo says:

    Hindi po sya sa ateneo sa MARVELOUS po sta dito sa cavite

  39. ann marie mabatid says:

    5-39 ang ganda nya and its perfect song

  40. Sharon Conel Sales says:

    Hi ate happy birthday 2019

  41. Yuuki Chan says:

    Lapit na bday nyaa.

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