Eyes of the Buddha by Victor Pemberton | Radio Drama (1974) | Mystery

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Paul de Vries comes from one of Ceylon’s oldest colonial families, but has been brought up in England where he now works in an architect’s office. His father died two years ago, but suddenly he receives letters from the dead man asking him to return to the land of his birth…

Writer: Victor Pemberton
Producer: John Tydeman
Paul de Vries: David Spenser
Mrs Jayasingha: Barbara Mitchell
Malcolm Warwick: John Westbrook
Joanna: Elizabeth Proud
Li la: Hilda Kriseman
Animali: John Ruddock
George de Vries: Nigel Graham
Tony: Andrew Rivers
Grandfather: Rolf Lefebvre
Mr Garawardne: William Eedle
Nihal: Ronald Herdman
Harry: William Fox

First broadcast: BBC R4 Saturday Night Theatre 16 Dec 1972

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4 Responses

  1. J W says:

    More Pemberton ! Much appreciated Mason 🙂 Feels like you've entered the New Year running ! Thank you.

  2. dudi du says:

    not into witchcraft and the likes, so listened with caution, note to self: will not listen to it again

  3. clara jones says:

    Thank you so much……………………

  4. Ashphodelic says:

    Brilliant drama… bit of local magic, and intrigue… attempting to keep 'Paul' away from the facts of a cover up… Very enjoyable indeed!

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