Elmo and Rosita’s Musical Playdate | Sesame Street Full Episode

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There is something in the air on Sesame Street that is making everyone want to sing! In this full episodes, Elmo and Rosita sing their way through Sesame Street searching for each other for their playdate!

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21 Responses

  1. Xena1080 says:

    Why the hell are there over 10k dislikes?

  2. Fernando Arellano says:

    You guys are so bad at doing videos and I hate you

  3. Angel McRae says:

    Hey k

  4. CharStarGamer says:

    I love elmo!

  5. Nebojsa Nestorovic says:


  6. Patch Rodriguez says:

    4:39 Rosita

  7. Courtney Medina says:


  8. Phoebe Pham says:


  9. Michael Rantuccio says:

    I have Elmo's World Music in my Dancing Books And Music DVD. And I love that part with Elmo and the accordion.

  10. SuperAndieMarshie says:

    12:42 How the Pants moved

  11. isadrew11 says:


  12. I'm Batgirl says:

    I wish i had one of those

  13. I'm Batgirl says:


  14. I'm Batgirl says:


  15. Marvin Moss says:


  16. Mupepepets says:

    Not That Bad

  17. monica vega says:

    K?,l the uuk”P


  18. Ana Santiago says:

    Bp bdg ,k04
    kw ñm^^

  19. Camara Jemmott says:


  20. Ruth Jackson says:

    I grow up when I was watching this

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