Edith Piaf biography (1 of 4)

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Biography of French singer Edith Piaf.


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32 Responses

  1. Student says:

    RIP Edith Piaf and RIP Paulette Coquatrix…

  2. Carmen Gomez says:

    One of the elders I took care of was from Paris and this is how I was I introduced to her she played her music and only hers …❤️

  3. Elcira Duarte Moreno says:

    Siempre te admirarte…

  4. ScotsLyon says:

    Elle était fantastique une force de la nature.
    Le monde a été béni par sa présence

  5. Frank Welch says:

    Was Edith Piaf Russian?

  6. Frank Welch says:

    I love this song in French AND IN ENGLISH.

  7. Nat Elliott-Ross says:

    What a life!

  8. Endless Alley Productions says:

    marion cotilliard did a good job embodying piaf in la vie en rose after watching this that is all the more apparent.

  9. Julie Bowtell says:

    I adore this beautiful amazing lady

  10. نوار البيضاوي says:

    ترجموها للعربي

  11. Mary Swike says:

    How nice. Its in English

  12. Roger DArcy says:

    Is Eidif Paif a real Gispy?

  13. Peter Mendoza says:

    Some comments say she still looked well at the end but very very sadly,this was not the case.
    Yes, she looked very well at the Olympia,but she was very well prepared for her performance in 1960dor the stage.There are some rare photos of her in her yard and looks well into her 80s. I dont say this to belittle her. No! Quite the contrary! I bring it up 1st,because we all want the truith, and 2nd, because inspite of her fragile body she bore a strength matched by her voice and would yell at her friends who tried to convince her not to perform.
    I was only 8 when I heard 'La Vie en Rose' and didnt understand a word but was bound by her voice. At 10 yrs old,I was already 4yrs playing the piano and learned it by ear.
    I was 13when she passed and the following month JFK was shot.I cried both times as if a fam. had passed. Today a preteen would not be so effected but this was the 1960s and the culture was different.
    As a result I took all4 yrs of French in H.S. and as an adult would by 'Le Figaro' which arrived in Times Square every day via the Concorde Today,I refer her as "Aunt Edith' for her musical inspiration. .

  14. Kim Hartley says:

    Hauntingly retrospective and of anyone's life 🙂

  15. michael mastrogiovanni says:

    whoever decided to use this song je ne regretted rein in the Cadillac commercials is a genius

  16. Logan says:

    I can't believe she died at only 47 years old. It's such a shame she had such a beautiful voice and to me she looked quite nice and healthy.

  17. kemo monro says:


  18. mimosa27 says:

    Judy Garland never enamored me as much as Edith Piaf. You're all comparing bread to wine. Stop already!

  19. Ether Garrel says:

    She was a true grace. Just listen to her voice is grace itself.

  20. Marseillais says:

    Love her music! ^-^

  21. zigadena Gabardini says:

    JUDY was  a nothing ..Edit  was a vulkano

  22. Santiago Daniel Leiva says:

    wonderful singer I Love her..

  23. Irish Whiskey says:

    Exactly! <3 I'm 14,and I grew up with The Wizard of Oz,and it stands today as one of my favourite films. Judy was so gorgeous,and talented,her voice was beautiful when she sang;alot like Édith's. R.I.P. Édith Giovanna Gassion et Judy Garland!

  24. Pär Carlsson says:

    Yes but Garland was an actress Edith did some movies to in france.

  25. jerome dangreaux says:

    i agree none of these female singers can touch edith

  26. edg3516 says:

    Piaf was most certainly on a higher level than Garland. Case in point: I believe there is a recording of Garland singing "La vie en rose". I know for a fact that there are no recordings of Piaf singing "Over the Rainbow".

    Both artists were at the top of their game, but Piaf was of much greater renown than Garland.

  27. DIVARGENTINA1 says:


  28. Jc Larcon says:

    I am just saying that you are promoting someone who no one even know who he/she is. that's all, now you can go back to your shitty tacky pr homo music gracias!!

  29. Jc Larcon says:

    I did say towards the end of my comment that they were both great!! But I did only heard more of Judy when I came to America, I cant lie about that. But my dad had his lp's and among then I discovered Edith.

  30. Bernie Blanders says:

    Piaf, Woody Guthrie, Hank Williams Sr, all world beaters.

  31. ManWest says:

    Jalarconcedeno is insane. Saying Piaf was huge and that he/she only heard of Garland when he/she came to America, is ludicrous. They were both EXTREMELY similar on many, many levels. Very dedicated and passionate about their music, non-stop man trouble, booze, pills, tempers, DEEPLY adoring fans *all over the world*, both powerful vocalists and both had the amazing ability to touch people's hearts of both genders. Both died at the same age in the same decade. Piaf was not on a "higher" level.

  32. Jc Larcon says:


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