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Today’s video is an ULTIMATE CLEAN WITH ME and I’ve got some great cleaning motivation for you guys for the New Year. My house is a disaster zone and this is some of the best cleaning motivation I’ve got for you yet.

I get my cleaning supplies from here:
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My essential oils: (email me if you have questions)
Young Living Thieves concentrated cleaner (use the link above)
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21 Responses

  1. laura h says:

    could you share where you bought the white carpet you were vacuuming?

  2. Beastgirl Andthejetts says:

    Haaa…I guess anyones cleaning video has the potential to be never ending 😉

  3. My Menagerie S says:

    Your house is beautiful.  I love your massive laundry room too.  Coming from Sunny FL, I loved looking out of your snowy windows.  Great videos.

  4. Susan Murphy says:

    I want a vacuum! We dont have carpets! Beautiful House!

  5. Angela Landreth says:

    You did such a great job and you have a great attitude. You have a beautiful home and I love the way you make things function for you. You look really pretty and not fake.

  6. jeannette rivera says:

    I am new to your channel..loved the video..I needed the motivation! Lol!

  7. Jessica Machak says:

    I've asked for a Dyson cordless vacuum for my birthday (april), mother's day and Christmas all in 2018 and my husband refused and said "buying your wife a vacuum or kitchen tool for a gift is the equivalent to a death wish. Vacuums are household maintenance. " So I bought myself the Dyson V8 for Christmas.

  8. carolyn mchugh says:

    Ha ha ha just like a man…you clean all day and move one thing they want it the way it was, creatures of habit….but move that couch over away from covering piano

  9. Lynn Beers says:

    You definitely need a rug by the door will cut down on dirt tracking in and a boot tray.

  10. Mercedes Corretjer says:

    What spray do you use for cleaning outside dishwasher?

  11. Just Jenn says:

    Laundry, this is exactly what mine looks like right now. Thanks for the motivation!

  12. Jessy k says:

    Hi Amanda I love ur videos
    I have Dyson v8 absolute cordless vacuum and it never died while cleaning in-fact I clean my house in one go. Though my house is not as big as urs but 1800 sq ft is not small.

  13. Sümeyye & Mahmut Yılmaz says:

    Bayılıyorum temizliğe:)

  14. MsValerieDev says:

    Have you ever tried baking soda and white vinegar down the drain once or twice a month keeps the drain clean.

  15. Tiffany Powers says:

    Came across this video today somehow and so glad I did! I subscribed!

  16. Lena Messana says:

    YES!!! I was sick over the last two weeks also – and every room suffered a bit. Amazing what happens when we need to concentrate on getting better! 🙂

  17. Elvira Lopes says:

    Que despachada

  18. Francesca Nocco says:

    Good morning finally a house lived not hoses all ordered cmq your house is neat and clean

  19. appetite4gunsnroses says:

    So much motivation! This is why I absolutely love your videos! Can't wait for the next one. Greetings from Argentina!

  20. Ashley V says:

    I love newspaper to shine windows! Coffee filters work really well too!

  21. Alison Shore says:

    Someone may have already told you this but don’t run the Dyson on Max and see if that helps. When I first got mine I was running on max and it was dying within minutes but on the normal setting it runs for at least 20 min at a time.

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