Det Sgt Hardie: Where Are You, Wally? By Barry Wasserman | Radio Drama (1990)

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With Edward de Souza/Bill Paterson/Alfred Molina – When Albert absconds with money left in his minicab by a passenger, Det Sgt Hardie leads the pursuit. Over the radio late at night, pursuer and fugitive develop a surprising kinship.

By Barry Wasserman and Patrick Carroll.
Director Ned Chaillet. Stereo (R)

Unknown: Det Sgt Hardie
Unknown: Barry Wasserman
Unknown: Patrick Carroll.
Director: Ned Chaillet.
Albert: Alfred Molina
Hardie: Bill Paterson
Druidstone: Shaun Prendergast
Glenn: Andrew Branch
Broadbent: Edward de Souza
Paul: Paul B Davies
Mrs Rosen: Pauline Letts
Mr Salah: Garard Green
Bertha: Avril Clark
Mrs Poole: Deborah Makepeace
Ros: Jennifer Piercey
Mrs Hardie: Janis Winters
Max: Ronald Herdman
Horace: Louis Mahoney
Girl at ferry: Natasha Pyne
Bobby: Stephen Rashbrook

BBC Radio 4 FM, 10 December 1990 15.00

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3 Responses

  1. marquessofdorset Dorset says:

    Wonderful witticisms in this play, believing in the two Ronnies, Ronnie Biggs and Ronnie Knight.

  2. daftirishmare j says:

    Great stuff! Humanity at its best

  3. clara jones says:

    Thank you so much………

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