Deadly Wasp Car Chase! | The Unicorn and the Wasp | Doctor Who | BBC

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A classic murder mystery takes a terrifying twist as the vicar reveals his true form.

The Thirteenth Doctor:
Title Sequences:

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39 Responses

  1. Punk Rock100 says:


  2. PercyandDuckfan94 says:

    Am I the only one who thought this was a foreshadow towards Donna's fate?

  3. James says:

    I know the CGI is comically bad but I can't hide from the fact that I want the re-watch this Ep.

  4. Edward says:


  5. Maria Fox says:

    Me seeing giant wasp: “SHIIIIT!!!!”

  6. Karin Krajanowski says:

    Bro if that thing was in my car I would use a flame thrower

  7. Elijah The Kid says:

    Wow the wasp dude looks like Peter Davison

  8. TimeForTeletubbies says:

    Get now its chasing us

  9. Graciecorn says:

    Slowest…. Car chase…… Ever.

  10. Raph CJ says:

    Chris is deadly.

  11. Al Duty says:

    I hate bugs

  12. Jamie Olberding says:

    The Hybrid Vespiform's father is good!

  13. Jamie Olberding says:

    If this Hybrid Vespiform's father were still alive! He would tell his insane son to stop killing innocent lives!

  14. Jamie Olberding says:


  15. Eeyore Piglet says:

    I love how he says "yeah bit we solved anotger riddle"

  16. Ross Harris says:

    I just realized Jyn Erso is in this

  17. TripleJump says:

    This was the worst episode

  18. Cameron maytham says:

    ohh scary warsp so cool i love it

  19. Prog Rock Anarchy says:

    This was the exact moment doctor who jumped the shark for me

  20. Thethistle gunner says:

    I absolutely loved this episode mixing my 2 favourite genres si-fi and murder mystery

  21. Mushroom Head says:

    I thought it was just mad that madam Hooch's character got to be the vicar's mother because a giant alien wasp had sex with her…

  22. QueeenBeee says:

    You know, his transforming scene would be so much more intense and scary if they hadnt made him 'bzz' randomly. it sounded a bit stupid, really. it would have been better to have a buzzing sound over the top of his talking. who agrees?

  23. Rai hernz says:

    I feel bad for the mother of the Vespiform.

  24. T-ZER0 says:

    This had me laughing so hard when I first saw it. The way he was saying "zzzzzz!"

  25. 94830 086436 says:

    Anyone else think it would have been really funny if the car went really, really slow and Donna said something like: "I hate this time period."

  26. bobSCOTT99 says:

    They should bring the Vespiform back

  27. Nick Hoad says:

    The wasp never seems like it actually wants to kill anyone. It always seems to miss on purpose, or fly too slowly.

  28. Doc Brown says:

    i knew it was that guy

  29. Highwaycoffeeman Guy says:

    That's a giant wasp

  30. Awkward Glasses says:

    Should I really be watching this at 12:49 at night with insectiphobia?

  31. Cbr Cruz says:

    Where is kamen rider TheBee when you need him

  32. friday gaming says:

    0:19 lol

  33. Rebecca Moore says:

    what season is this

  34. Marc Ventura says:

    1:33 Silent Pool…maybe Moffat found the inspiration in this episode for doing the Lake Silencio plot after.

  35. StickySauce101 says:


  36. Aspiring Marauder says:

    I feel bad for the waspy 🙁
    I hope the Vesperforms make a return as an atleast neutral species.

  37. Ben Moore says:

    This still gives chills down my spine, EVERYtime I watch this.

  38. Myotic Tesseract says:

    Donna Noble had the best series so far, hands down.

  39. Emma Clarke says:

    Agatha represents how donna forgot

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