Dance Moms: Dr. Holly’s Book Club (S2, E22) | Lifetime

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To celebrate her becoming a doctor, Holly invites the moms over to her house for a party and makes them join her book club, in this extra from episode 22 Dance Moms season 2.

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24 Responses

  1. HannahRose Holland says:

    Kelly is meee I hate books and I don’t read either

  2. laura reitsis says:

    kelly is obnoxious and thick

  3. laura reitsis says:

    kelly is obnoxious and thick

  4. Amanda Bartulis says:

    “ThErE iSnT eVeN aNy PiCtUrEs”

  5. Cutey haas says:

    Oh Kelly

  6. Ate Penn says:

    "It better not be Abby."

  7. Lindsay Ettlinger says:


  8. Yayitsraye says:

    "did you get me the video" lmao me

  9. SummerDogs says:

    "There isn't even any pictures.."
    that is how I decide what books to read

  10. Saeyoung Choi says:

    Holly is awesome
    I want her to be my mom

  11. Kaitlyn G says:

    Omg Kelly is me

  12. cupcakes experiments ODUNLADE says:

    71 dislikes abby how many accounts do you have

  13. Peyton's Fandom says:

    Senior quote: I went to the bar last week and you had a diet Coke with lime

  14. Erikleen is real R.I.P me. says:

    Ive read little women and im 11. Lol much less kellys age lol

  15. Chloe Sanchez says:

    My name is Chloe and I wish that Jill Christie Kelly and Holly were my moms

  16. The real mbb fan_ Brown says:

    little woman is one of my favorite because winona ryder is one amazing actress in movie or tv history

  17. Amira Awil says:

    Is it really dance moms without Kelly and Christi

  18. Fenacans Builds says:

    I watched the movie for Little Women and it was amazing!! I hope they enjoy the book.

  19. Zai Let play says:

    Cristi head hahahahaha

  20. Scilly Diaz says:

    Kelly is literally me

  21. susfinnerty says:

    I am reading that book right now

  22. BREEANA BROWN says:

    I was dieing when christi hit her head

  23. fashion lucerita says:

    Lol better not abby

  24. fashion lucerita says:

    Aw chiristi

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