CS LEWIS DOCUMENTARY | The Life Story from Atheism to Theism

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The author of NARNIA, CS LEWIS- is one of the most incredible writers of all time! Watch his amazing journey from atheism to the theism and how he came across the gospel and gave his life to God! I’m happy to share this documentary with you all! If you have not yet heard of CS Lewis, I highly recommend you familiarize yourself with him and his work. His life story is deep, profound and truly inspiring! This is a MUST watch!

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10 Responses

  1. Marcy Brooks says:

    Brilliantly made and such a joy! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ellis Dee says:

    Bummer that he succumbed to the poison that is religion…

  3. Deborra Storm says:

    So inspiring and profound is his perspective.

  4. JPWP says:

    23:17 Personal favorite line of the whole Doc. Interesting!

  5. killurbluff says:

    Enjoyed this much, i must submit. I, as most all, do consider not our toilsome lives alone. Toilsome that brings us this prideful burden, of each our own rings, of Gold by which we adorn our brows. These woes upon our brows are indeed mere trinkets of a selfish pride that leads to no real sense of fulfillment, rather a true sense of needed humility for the just at heart. Let us not be entrapped nor ensnarled. Most of all, let us hold tight this "Come now, let us Reason Together" and bring this to bear in all things.

  6. Nathan El says:

    This man inspires me as well. One of my favorite famous people in history.

  7. library of dragons says:

    He inspired me to be an author

  8. library of dragons says:

    I want to be like C.S. Lewis minus the atheism.

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