Classic TV Commercials from the ’60s and ’70s

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The commercials from the ’60s and ’70s were just about as memorable as the shows. From the Frito Bandito to Old Iron Eyes Cody with that unforgettable tear in his eye, these were the classic TV spots I remember most.

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  1. Tominscv says:

    This had a great selection of commercials that I could totally relate to; part of my childhood, I saw these probably hundreds of times for the most part… Fun trip down memory lane!

  2. Rix Slade says:

    brings back memories

  3. Sean Towns says:

    Good comment from Tom. Yes that's how i remember the 70's as a kid and all those influences. The commercials were just as creative as most of the TV shows of the day. I remember one with a fast trumpet orchestra music, the commercial showing people moving around in large cities. It ran in about 1977. The one comparing the United States to the Modern Roman Empire. It was fast paced and really interesting. I haven't seen it since but would like to see it again.

  4. George Vreeland Hill says:

    Commercials of the past are better than most shows today.

  5. Aaron Maher says:

    I cannot believe YT hasn't removed this and banished it to the ash heap. This is so full of overt racism and sexism, cultural appropriation and oh my, boys playing with GI Joe? What in the world!?!? Absolutely insane. It's almost like normal. More like the world within which we reside. Not today's leftist utopia where one could hardly scrape a knee and where everyone wins first place because it feels good. Even as much for those who came in first place 5 minutes after the first-first place. Something doesn't seem right here. cocks head slightly to the right in mild bewilderment, puckers lips in contemplation with squinted eyes, scratches head

  6. Go Jump says:

    When I was a kid, I thought Mr. Whipple was a big creep. I'm 52 now and think I was right on this! lol

  7. B G says:

    these commercials would be totally racist today

  8. John Pitzer says:

    Well, that’s showing my age! I remember them all

  9. Cathy McDonell says:

    Who was the Dr Pepper guy that he was soooooooooo cute then and think the same this many year later

  10. MAC THE SLOVAC says:

    I'm a bill just a bill and I live here on Capitol Hill

  11. Dave Olep says:

    All the process food and the sugar has gotten all these people sick.
    Auto immune disorders . M.S. Lupus. chrohns.

  12. John Armenta says:

    The Native American crying about the pollution?? Yeah, right. . . Go to the Shiprock parade and see all the trash left behind by the local population.

  13. doesgodcareanymore says:

    from the USA

  14. S S says:

    Toady's kids should watch this. If they could without being offended. People did actually survive without cell phones and the internet. Oh my god, what ever did we do with ourselves. One reason yesterday's commercials are so memorable. is because they are every bit as good as many of todays feature television shows.

  15. Greg Boone says:

    I remember most of them.

  16. JamesAllmond says:

    Old Iron Eyes Cody was Italian (look it up), still great PSA!

  17. shydmples says:

    LMAO….I'm 47….My face is really hurting from smiling through this whole thing…lol….We need a channel that can bring back the old shows/music/commercials….lol

  18. Tsukiko YAMAMURA says:

    Like, thanks! These are cool!

  19. Dorth Lytwyn says:

    Prozac sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!!!

  20. Dorth Lytwyn says:

    Ancient Chinese secret is racist too.

  21. Dorth Lytwyn says:

    The Frito commercial was in my opinion is one of the most racist things I have ever seen.

  22. Dorth Lytwyn says:

    The native American is Iron eyes Cody. I always loved that commercial.

  23. Mr. Pringle says:

    The most famous non native native

  24. Mary Heim says:

    The Hawaiian punch guy wasn't Hawaiian, he was Sicilian. It's a scam!

  25. Splaticus Blah says:

    The funniest thing is the commercial with the North American Indian in it. That is really an Italian actor named Oscar de Corti. He denied his heritage and always claimed that he was a North American Indian.

  26. Jesse Leinard says:

    Iron eyes cody was actually Italian

  27. Jeff Ramey says:

    Back when America was great and fun. Not too great or fun anymore.

  28. Anita Harrell says:

    i enjoyed that going down memory lane

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