Christopher Hitchens & William F. Buckley Jr. – When Giants Collide

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Probably a 2 parter since they only met so many times.

This is dialectics in practice.

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A compilation of the some of the best moments between Christopher Hitchens and Willaim Buckley Jr.

Christopher Eric Hitchens was an Anglo-American author, columnist, essayist, orator, religious and literary critic, social critic, and journalist.

William Frank Buckley Jr. was an American conservative author and commentator. He founded National Review magazine in 1955.

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46 Responses

  1. Guffington says:

    Can someone explain the Americans/English – Russians/White reduction at the beginning of the video? I don't understand the point it's making.

  2. cro4591 says:

    Buckley was so insulated and isolated from the 60s movements, that he could only oversimplify and marginalize it.
    His was the intellectual resistance to criticism of u.s. hypocrisy, but the real successes of the Right Wing came from Economic dispossession and Media ownership.

  3. Timothy Nolan says:

    Two of my favorites!

  4. Dan D says:

    Hitchens finally gave up socialism. Buckley had it right.

  5. Aditya Tanwar says:

    Oh this is gold.
    And now we have chaps like pseudo intellectual Ben Shapiro who has never made sense, and Jordan Peterson who likes to throw statistics and research papers everywhere

  6. Roger Macmilan says:

    Buckley was the only match hitchens ever had .

  7. Khalil Zein says:

    Hitchens is from another league ,Buckley is really overrated an amateur superficial no depth whatsoever.

  8. dpf2122 says:

    Young Christopher Hitchens looks the spitting image of his brother.

  9. BældægQ Plato says:


  10. Irritating Films says:

    That exchange over whether or not it should be surprising about Marx is just delightful. Genuine discussion like that is sadly shocking.

  11. tubularbill says:

    Wonderful. Yes bring on more Hitchens and Buckley!

  12. LEX37 says:

    Why does WFB always give the impression of being stoned out of his gourd, slurring his words, and on the verge of nodding off?

  13. Sean Rockwell says:

    These conversations remind me that Hitchens very rarely, if ever, allowed himself to fall into the trap of making a statement, however provocative (and he loved provocation) that he couldn't defend comprehensively and convincingly.

  14. Sean Rockwell says:

    Kudos to Buckley for his willingness to have on a guest who was smarter, faster, better-spoken, and more knowledgable than he was, and to ask him back. The look on the Buckley toady's face at 8:22 when he realizes that Hitchens is about to slaughter one of his sacred cows without breaking a sweat is fantastically gratifying.

  15. N says:

    Giants? How pretentious can you get? Just two hacks and shills.

  16. vs800rider says:

    Lost some great minds when those two died. Sadder still is the lost of intelligent conversation and debate. I am so tired of the chest beating and angry style of today's commentators.

  17. Ziggy Rotten says:

    The love, respect and admiration of the English by Americans is very real. And I'm very sad that it's also very much one way (as in not reciprocated) spend any time in the United States and you will see countless commercials and television shows with English actors or voice actors, and yet Americans don't bat an eye when they come on. because we consider the English ourselves, we are the self-same, however my time in England would seem to show that they would certainly not feel the same way, our voice would seem foreign to them, and their news has intentionally portrayed our nation as very stupid, and everyone shooting everyone else.
    However I only spent a very short time and I may be very, very, wrong, I'm open to anyone's opinion on that matter.

  18. sportsportsport says:

    Holy crap I loved this

  19. Hale Bopp says:

    Thank you so much for posting, whoever you are (M.R) – you certainly have your finger on the pulse. Some of your productions are just exquisite. Kudos.

  20. paulwillisorg says:

    Buckley was a giant not hitchy

  21. Mr. Robert says:

    The lesson here is, it is not so much the meat of an argument, but rather how one articulates it. To conflate the idea, and its delivery, as wisdom, is a folly indeed.

  22. Bj Bethel says:

    Oh, I can only imagine this discussion taking place today if these two were among us.

  23. Charles peterson says:

    Hitchens was right about jealousy and envy until he got to who it was. American women have never recovered from the 60's. I lived overseas for 40 years and every day I met an American women who came of age during their sexual liberation and they hadn't come in 45.

  24. Eric Delay says:

    Hitchens seems reluctant to admit the evils of communism and the challenges of the Cold War.

  25. gabrielernesto66 says:

    The coolness in which they state their arguments is so great

  26. Alexis o says:

    4:10,11,12,13….s reaction to 4:08 watch him clutch his metaphorical pearls

  27. Apolacyptic Skepticus says:

    The beauty of this conversation is evidence of the greatness of USA as a country. You can have two immensely brilliant individuals, with utterly opposing viewpoints on almost every topic imaginable, yet who are able to express themselves on National TV, and in a manner of the most charismatic intellectual chivalry and wittiness. I honestly wish I was born in that great country.

  28. DL says:

    great minds – but difficult to follow continuities of thought with this particular somewhat decontextualized edited form.

  29. robert pirsig says:

    Lol… Chomsky moped the floor with the two of these two pseudo intellects. Two bombastic tool's

  30. Joe Bowen says:

    I don't need Chris Hitchens, William Buckley, Dennis Miller, Carl Sagan, Einstein, deGrasse Tyson to influence my thinking on what I believe about Christianity, hereafter, or anything else for that matter, as I've studied philosophy, the physical sciences incl math, & physics on a college level, & read the Bible, incl old ​ & new testament to incl life & letters of Paul, Greek, Hebrew & philosophy.
    I've come to conclusion that no one to date has figured conclusively what happens to us after we die except we eventually deteriorate back to he dust we came from.
    If some genius can prove anything else to me, go ahead & shoot your best argument, my friend.
    Joe G. Bowen
    Miss Gulf Coast
    Riviera of the South

  31. Daniel Shade says:

    Last Seconds of Video: Gonna get Hitchslapped mutha.f…..
    While smart these often stoop to harsh name calling (wholly invalidating opposing view) which always gets in the way of ideas being heard. Ex.: Masturbatory, Imperialist, naive, old guard….etc

  32. Billy Bob says:

    "That the Russians were white". Explain what does he means

  33. NatHarwood says:

    9.25 Is one of the most interesting passages of Hitchens I've ever heard. Export the British NHS to bring real healthcare to the US, stand against the monarchy and the founding reasons of the constitution – I wonder if he would have thrown his weight behind Bernie Sanders in 2016.

  34. garrett deschamp says:

    In Hitchens memoir, Hitch-22, he admits a deep an intimate friendship with Buckley. They both loved and respected each other.

  35. Mariano Torrespico says:

    Any man who would formally defend Senator Josef McCarthy merits polite ridicule, notwithstanding the "Firing Line" programme. In a terrarium, like this programme, right-wingers are interesting, like a bacillus locked in a slide, safe for viewing without risk of anti-intellectual infection.

  36. Joan Moore says:

    Hitchens was clearly a much greater intellectual than Buckley. His gears clearly ran twice as fast as the old conservative icon.

  37. Jason Smith says:

    As eloquent and intelligent as they may seem, they've all made a mistake, in that they all subscribe to pluralism – its Christian roots doom the West to violence and terrorism…there is only one truth left to say: and that is that Man made God, not God made Man.

  38. Josh H says:

    Im old but unfortunately not so old that i cant hear the damn dog whistle throughout this video

  39. ElSmusso says:

    Ali vs Frazier

  40. civilserpent says:

    10:20 Hitchens was so witty.

  41. Maître M says:

    I wish Hitchens thought the same of the last Iraq war as he did about the Vietnam war.

  42. Living The Dream says:

    Refreshing to see people using arguments to debate rather than just argue. One of the things that changed in the passing of the baton to America seems to have been the veneer of sportsmanship in dialogue, to be replaced by spectacle in the long term.

  43. schizophrenia says:

    shitty editorial act, this video is. Why can't I go on-line without a reinforcement that hitchens is no great and died a fucking drunk and nicotine whiskey addict, against the perfect raw impulse of his sycophants that court his very clipped and mercurial arguments.

  44. RUSSIAN ROBOT says:

    Atheism is a BS Cult.

  45. Kevin arnold says:

    Christopher Hitchens got a 2:2…. so I guess degree classifications are meaningless.

  46. Tom Hughes says:

    British Imperial bluster – priceless

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