Christopher Hitchens Vs. Jay Richards FULL and FIXED

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The Audio was fixed the best I could. The original was over 20 seconds out of sync. You might see some points where it falls out of sync but I re sync every 15 seconds so just wait.

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42 Responses

  1. Omarcomin Hay yo says:

    What is jay talking about?

    I don’t think he knows.

  2. Michael Bonita says:

    total dick pathetic

  3. Sterling Gafford says:

    Ben Stein ….. jeeeeeezus he's almost unwatchable. Evidence that when one rests on their laurels insightful wit decays into short-sighted smarm?

  4. John Iain McFarlane says:

    God~perfect goodness?Kill all the canaanites,dont forget the babies.How to treat your slaves 101,All powerful-IRON chariots!Run away!!!!god? god? Omniscient-So,he knew when he made me I would be a lifelong atheist,therefore condemning me to hell before I was even born.I call Bullshit!

  5. Wurm Wood says:

    Hitchens: 1. Hair Do: 0.

  6. colin gentle says:

    What the f–k is Jay on about ? His mouth was moving but did he say anything ?

  7. TheBusttheboss says:

    I know Jay. He's a nice dude.

  8. Poco Loco says:

    What a word salad. A fast spoken mixture of dictionary, bible and curious George. = proof of Intelligent design.

  9. TheBrabon1 says:

    hitch made a mistake
    geller was not tested at stanford university, but at stanford research institute…had nothing to do with the university

  10. Cave Jug says:

    You've got to be sorry for religions, all of them when the time has come for the proponents of it to go back all the way to the Big Bang and 'prove' existence of God! All 'great and undisputable' arguments have evaporated with help of science and inquiry.

  11. Gingerbleu G says:

    Someone tell all these bloody fools what a supreme privilege it was for them to have debated the great Hitch.

  12. Mike Kennedy says:


  13. Baf Lange says:

    Bill moron mahar had the stupidity to claim milo stupidopolus reminds him of “a young Hitchens” this was a couple months back or so haven’t paid much attention to him since. He was always a try hard fat as seeming intelligent, his comedy is horrible and he’s an absolute control freak during the debate part of his show, but I still did used to watch occasionally. Now a days he seems to more disconnected than ever, he even had to publicly chastised by Ice Cube bc he apparently thought he was “black enough to use the N word”

  14. Wenhao Sun says:

    science will crash you.

  15. jonnine says:

    Ben Stein ; isn't he just a prime example of how age is no guarantor of wisdom…and in his case that age = even more potty? Disappointing given the Jewish propensity for genius, is it not? * sigh *

  16. Anna Lyon says:

    Mr. Hitchslap, for your patience and diligence in bringing to us this episode of Hitch, we all thank you. Well, I see above, at this time, 866 of us do, at any rate. Myself included.

  17. dash Lamb says:

    Ben Stien adds to the debate…………….? Oh I know, he was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.

  18. LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds says:

    yuck ben stein is boringly arrogant

  19. LOVE IS MY REBELLION. beauty unfolds says:

    Strong Relgious people aren't funny. Usually unintelligent, lost, or highly manipulative. paid off, and borng.
    HItchens and Sam Harris are showing how irrelevant religion is today. might not disappear in my life time… it wil pass tho

  20. NextUp says:

    What ever happened to Ben Stein? When did his intellectual and spiritual decay begin? Curious…

  21. Wednesdays child says:

    I have yet to see one debate between atheists and theists where the theists didn't come out of it looking like idiots. I think Hitchens showed a remarkable amount of restraint.


    Hitchens takes this ignorant group to school. Incredible intelligent? Really? There's only one on that stage.

  23. lonelyp zinck says:

    You want to know where the BIG BANG came from, OK try this:What if, every time MAN has set off an H bomb he created a new universe? Without knowing he did it. BOOM and there it is. It is only going to last a few seconds. When the blast is over and done with it will be gone. But relatively time a few seconds for us is 13.5 billion years and counting to any lifeforms that may arise. A scientist may be able to prove that wrong. Can you?

  24. Robert White says:

    "Design" is known by contrasting with the natural….Ask the theist idiot what he's contrasting the known universe with

  25. William Finnegan says:

    Nice hair….crazy mind. Nauseous.

  26. Paula G Whyte says:

    Ooh, Ben got the Hitch mad. Bad move, Stein! Lol. He got Hitch-Slapped but good.

  27. Paula G Whyte says:

    Ooh, Ben got the Hitch mad. Bad move, Stein! Lol. He got Hitch-Slapped but good.

  28. Paula G Whyte says:

    Mr. Richards just completely contradicted his own argument for "intelligent design" which I like the Hitch, hate, by saying that you can come across Mount Rushmore and know immediately it was designed because it looks designed and different than all of the other mountains and nature around it. Uhm, excuse me, aren't you trying to tell us that the earth and nature ARE designed by your god??! What an idiot.

  29. dan says:

    Man is so important, yes he is. He was not created, his mind was not given, he made it himself.

  30. Rob Mack says:

    No contest miss you Hitch.

  31. Andy LH says:

    Richards seems to be saying that there a god out there who "allows you the free will to ask who created the universe", but gets angry if you want to ask "what created the thing that create the universe"

  32. Billy W says:

    Ben stein is like, so bad…. who says it’s lame? Who?! Tell me! I don’t understand turns of phrase!

  33. Brian Barratt says:

    If you rewind time back to the Beginning of modern man, then build a world with no God or Dietary would We end up the same as Today ? A world full of Gods and billions of ala carte Gods ?…… Absolutely……All the time/ever time you rewind the experiment…..

  34. Alcibiades says:

    Ladies and Gentleman Brothers And Sisters; Hitchens arguments are crystal clear, straight down the pipe, in my humble estimation the most amazing orator and polymath of modern times. BTW don't know if I'm losing it, but sincerely I do not understand a fucking thing Jay Richards says. Ben Stein sucks as a human being, an imbecile cretin douche-bag.

  35. Russ Tul says:

    Anyone suffering from insomnia should listen to Jay Richards – the best sleeping pill ever.

  36. Ian P says:

    I miss Hitch, what a great human. Who is there to fill his shoes? I thought it could be Dawkins and he tries but he's more scientist than philosopher. Cheers

  37. Rocco P says:

    These religious zealots always talk very fast, probably in the hope that nobody will listen to the actual words. This guy spouts the usual line that life can only exist within a very small range of astronomical parameters. This is only true if you think life can only exist in the forms we currently recognize. Of course, life could take many forms that we may have not even considered. For example, just because humans require oxygen, water, and temperatures between x and y degrees does not mean that all life forms must have these conditions.

  38. Russ Tul says:

    In his lectures and arguments, Christopher Hitchens occasionally mentions the fact that the Andromeda Galaxy is on a collision course with our own galaxy and that the collicion will happen roughly in five billion years. Mr Hitchens, whom I admire greatly, seems to forget that any galaxy consists 99.999999% of vacuum. So that when that event happens,  the fortunate generation that will live to see that phantastic phenomenon will not have a thing to worry about, because the chances of any matter from the Andromeda colliding with the Earth or any other part of our own galaxy will be something like 0.0000001%.

  39. Mark Frank says:

    If I could comprehend God he would not be worthy of worship.

  40. A_Stoic_Master says:

    *Christopher Hitchens Vs. Argumentum ad populum

  41. Wolter Siegers says:

    What a boring man Jay Richards.
    Talks way to fast and a lot of bullshit.

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