Christopher Hitchens – On Late Night Live discussing Thomas Paine

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Christopher Hitchens – [2006]
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19 Responses

  1. MrOpenConversations says:

    Funny how times change though. As an American I constantly hear others yelling out it indifference and ignorance that Democrats "all want a welfare state" . I feel as if today Mr. Paine would be attacked by such people for his chapter on the protection and production of the family as a unit. Where in rights of man he names in what circumstances and where we should draw such funds to ensure a single mother who works a lowly job can be comforted that her children may be guaranteed an education as to avoid such things. He also speaks about what looks very much like our social security program now.

    Funny how times change. Though I must say he was not the only one as Clement A. Was attacked for similar measures following ww2 in Britain.

    I myself am a moderate aka the guy people hate in south (where I live) because I try my best to ensure neither side misportrays the others argument as to seem intelligent.

    That is our problem now in the United states. Thomas Jefferson warned us of a time like this. A time where if the majority become so uneducated as to be ruled by the a better educated minority then how would such a people govern itself ?

  2. AtheisticConclusion says:

    Amazing. My favorite figure of recent history talking about one of my favorite from history period.

  3. Comando96 says:

    Them singing sounds just like trying to sing of fucking teamspeak. Hilarious and someone's always out of fucking sync xD

  4. ExoticGrundy says:

    Individual liberty is something we all take for granted. You have to respect the United States for taking the idea and running and respect Britain for creating it in its current form in the first place. However much you dislike America it still holds the torch for liberty, democracy and enterprise. A man can go from nothing to being rich through hard work and with his money may do with what he wishes. Industrial capitalism and individual liberty is a cocktail for success.
    Thank you America and thank you Britain.

  5. Michael L says:

    The singing probably falls apart because there's like a half second phone lag.

  6. Dean Manu says:

    once again christopher stands out as the best read, smartest, most intellectual on the panel

  7. Rob Sinclaire says:

    Thank you for posting this!

  8. Rotebuehl1 says:

    Shortly after minutes 1:19 the speaker says: "I had an "alas po joric" expression…a.s.f.
    I hope, I got the spelling right!
    What does that "an alas po joric" (expression) mean ???
    Who knows?
    Who would like to "reveal it" to me?
    I'm not an English Native Speaker!
    Thanks in advance ;-))))) 

  9. Edward Dodson says:

    The political and social reforms enacted by Australians in the late 19th century were also heavily influenced by the works of Henry George, who in a real sense picked up the  torch of individual liberty and social justice that fell to the ground with the death of Paine. Henry George's works reached Australia in the early 1880s, and he later lectured  extensively across Australia.

  10. Edward Dodson says:

    It worth noting that Paine makes a strongest distinction between claims to property in land (i.e., in nature) and to what we produce with our labor and our capital goods. To Paine, nature is our equal birthright, a birthright taken from the majority by a rentier elite by means of force, fraud and theft.

  11. Joseph Nordenbrock says:

    @ 34:25 Hitchens is talking about how Pain assumed the reader would have a fairly decent education of the vernacular at the time.

  12. Tomas T says:

    Could someone tell me that name of the opening tune? perhaps a link..? Thanks you very much 🙂

  13. SkepticalViews says:

    36:58 What book or letter does this quote originate from?…

    "The whole religious complexion of the modern world is due to the absence from Jerusalem of a Lunatic Asylum"

    I have searched google, especially google books for the source on this and can't find! I even searched the specific book Rights of Man. Can't find it.

    Just seeing Thomas Paine's name after the quote is not nearly enough for me in order to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that Thomas Paine actually said this.

    I need a source from a book. An early date like Late 1700's
    ( preferably in image format ) in order to know it's authentic.

  14. daryl H says:

    that was a wonderful song …   bless all their's, and your, cottons socks …

  15. Andrew Carroll says:

    Oh man, when they start singing hahaha too awesome.  That's gonna have to be a new drinking song for me.  Thanks a bunch for this, mate.

  16. Orich Lols says:

    Hitchens @ 11:10

  17. Dakota Pierson says:

    That's not hitchens

  18. grandepittore says:

    Thank you so much!

  19. Mychael Darklighter says:

    Thanks a bunch for posting this!

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