Christopher Hitchens – Giving a tour of his house in Washington, D.C. [2007]

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Christopher Hitchens giving a tour of his house in Washington in 2007.

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38 Responses

  1. Redfield 100% says:

    " our nation " you were English Christopher haha

  2. 5starcomment says:

    Hannibal by Thomas harris is the only book one ever needs…

  3. Tim Downey says:

    Some of the best advice ever: Constantly measure yourself against those better than you in your chosen endeavor.

    Add an appreciation for P G Wodehouse, and you have an absolutely brilliant primate.

  4. Redblade says:

    So he likes to boast about his lavish wealth and at the same time, remind the poor about what little or nothing that they have in life (well, you can‘t take it with you).

  5. Bardia Aliabadi says:

    Washington isnt the best place to choose for your retirement, thats why he got depressed probably. He should have went somewhere like south europe or east asia

  6. John Doe says:

    It's not a house and this is not a tour. Its a look at a bookshelf and out a window and then some talning – mostly about whats around the home not in it.

  7. Alex Grinyov says:

    how is this a tour? it's just his bookshelf. Miss you hitch

  8. QuickQuickSlowSlow55 says:

    Nice sock.

  9. Vinayak Chakravarty says:

    Welcome to my crib

  10. Afghan-Persian 4Life says:

    a house built on neocon war lies.

  11. JasperJ101 says:

    As you can see his bookshelf was messy with books lain on the floor and the ladder which he uses to reach the upper level of his library. Shows that it is very well utilised, you often see people with fantastically beautiful and ordered bookshelves but you can instantly discern that none of those books have moved in a very long time…

  12. Joe Boland says:

    You are missed by this crazy world Christopher.

  13. DC Smoke says:

    Heheh, I buy my Cannabis near there.

  14. james ruf says:

    To think that it was possible to be friends with a person like this, strong sighs My hero the Hitch..

  15. Tom Fin says:

    miss you and love you Hitch

  16. James Philipson says:

    I do love how modest he is at the end! He knows what he’s good at. RIP, Hitch, you fiercely quick witted, justly proud man!

  17. Whisper Riot561 says:

    3:48 "A little reminder of our history." OUR history being the key word. I truly believed Christopher Hitchens loved America. He considered himself a full blown American. I welcome this notion. Hitchens was one of the smartest men to have contributed with humanity. And while I didn't agree with everything he believed in I am still honored to call him a strong influence. Rest in peace Hitch.

  18. mercoid says:

    This is not Hitchens giving a tour of his house. One shot of the building facade and a view of his bookshelf is not a “tour”.

  19. Philip Gior says:

    When Hitch moved to the US it seems he not only considered himself American (became a citizen in '01) but was very proud of his adopted country.

  20. DaleRobby rear says:

    Duhhhhhhhhhhh, I'm an atheist, insert stupid comment about how much I miss Hitchens here —>

  21. MisterZ3r0 says:

    "Today on Cirbz, MC Hitchens gives us a tour of his fuck palace…" [Cut to bedroom] "This is where the magic happens" – MC Hitchens

  22. Vance Wallace says:

    To have a life rather than a career. That's the dream.

  23. Vance Wallace says:

    Christopher Hitchens probably could've been the greatest stand up comedian ever if he tried.

  24. Jean Babtiste Clamence says:

    Too bad the quality is too poor to be able to discern the titles of the books

  25. Rob Mack says:

    You can bet he read everyone of those books at least once. Great man never to be forgotten.

  26. Omar Coronado says:

    “my hood”

  27. Michael Walker says:

    The sort of personal library that I would like to own. What a beautiful house.

  28. Secular Centrist says:

    Christopher Hitchens is no Sam Harris or Steven Pinker.

  29. Gino007ish says:

    How I'd love to hear his analysis of the Trump 'Presidency'

  30. scott appleton says:

    We need hitch now more than ever….

  31. Steve Holmgren says:

    I live in D.C. and I pass this building on a daily basis commuting to work every morning. From now on I'll think of Hitch.

  32. Malcolm MacLeod says:

    What a marvelous Mensch, and an unbelievably talented one as well. He improved this world.

  33. Lightest Asian says:


  34. Alcibiades says:

    Want more proof that the God of Abraham has been a hoax for 3,000 years? Alright! the great humanist/polemicist and orator Christopher Hitchens is no longer with us and Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Frank Turek, Dinesh D'Souza and Bennie Hinn are.

  35. Omgirrl says:

    13 people don't like CH's apartment. Huh.

  36. Art Art says:

    Great insight of Hitchens's lifestyle & live.

  37. Rian Quinn says:

    Only upon watching this video now do I realize that on a past holiday of mine (where I stayed in the Washington Hilton hotel) I was staring out of my room window onto Christopher Hitchens' apartment. I had no notion of it at the time but I wish I could have.

  38. Kenneth says:

    Fucking Hitchens…I HATE him. Because every time I start watching his videos…I can't stop…and suddenly it's really late…and then really later. Brilliant. Giant. RIP. You're sorely missed.

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