Character sketch of Helen Keller | The story of My life | 10th class novel |

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Very Important questions from the story of my life.

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  1. Pritosh Yadav says:

    Sir ab great ho ho story ke answer 2 ghante se padh rha tha use Apne 10 minutes me clear kr ddiya

  2. surendar kumar anand says:

    Editing and omission

  3. Sunita Dubey says:


  4. Priya Ranjan Chowdhury says:

    Editing and omissions

  5. shrivansh tiwari vlogs says:

    excellent work

  6. Anand kumar yadav says:

    Editing ND ommission

  7. ravi pandey says:

    you are geat sir

  8. Lahra Chaudhary says:

    Editing or omission

  9. gaurav rathore says:

    Editing and also ommision

  10. Deepak Bhandwalkar says:

    Kal Meri vat lagne wali hai lekin aaapne bahut acche se samjhaya

  11. Trivenee Katre says:

    Very nice explanation ,I like it


    I want to editing and omissions

  13. Akash Usre says:

    Yes we want additing omission


    Editing and ommision

  15. Omprakash Tiwari says:

    Today is my test.. thanks

  16. siddiq sahab says:

    Nyc gjb se gjb

  17. Harsh Kumar says:

    This question no 6 was asked in my exam and I write the answer which you give

  18. Aspas Singh says:

    Nice sir thank you are great

  19. harmeet kaur says:

    One of the excellent work in helping a student to learn 11 questions in one answer

  20. harmeet kaur says:


  21. Gulshan Kumar says:

    Sir . In this video there is not any introduction and role of her great teacher Anne Sullivan .. why . Is questions will be aked about her teacher then is this answer suitable for that ..

  22. Anand Chaudhary says:


  23. Swastik Singh says:

    Sir aapne the ko tbe likha hai please check kariye

  24. Priyanshu Raj says:

    Omission and editing

  25. SUNIL SINGH says:


  26. JN LAND says:

    Thnku sirr

  27. SUNIL KUMAR says:

    Editing and ommision

  28. jaivindra singh says:

    Aditing and omission

  29. abhishek kumar says:

    Love u sir

  30. abhishek kumar says:

    Great video

  31. sweta pahwa says:

    editing or ommision

  32. rachit katariya up says:

    Omission and editing

  33. Sajid Khan says:

    Thank you sir

  34. Insha Insha says:

    Thank you sir

  35. TechGuru1 says:


  36. khushi jha says:

    editing or omission

  37. Divyanshi Saini says:

    This video had many grammatical mistakes…..some spellings were in correct and the pronounciations of the word ' plagiarism ' was absolutely wrong…..

  38. Reena Rai says:

    Editing and omission

  39. rajkumar gupta says:

    Acha padate ho aap sir

  40. Dalbir Singh says:

    Tell me or this questions
    Is there

    How did miss Anne sulla help Helen to communicate properly

  41. Dalbir Singh says:

    If come ques then

    Give a pen portrait of Helen keller

  42. Karan Yadav says:

    Thank you sir this lecture is very useful for us.

  43. santosh yadav says:

    Aap tu farista nikle .

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