Chapterwise Full Summary Of The Invisible Man CBSE English Preparation 2018

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The Invisible Man -Hg wells.

vlogging channel :

Links for Various segments of Video are :

1.Short Summary of Complete Novel (5 : 49)

2. Chapterwise Summary Chapter (1 to 28 ) All incidents coverd (15:11)

3. Character sketch of all important characters.

4. Expected Question to prepare.

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Preparation tips For CBSE English

Detailed Explanation in Hindi

Discussed According to Board exams.

Writing section videos :

Writing Skills _ Class 12th CBSE:

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  1. Preet Sharma says:

    Thanks bhaiya because of your help i have scored 93 in english cbse 12th .you are awesome☺ teacher .may god bless you

  2. Dheeraj Agrawal says:

    Pls remove background sound

  3. sanya jain says:

    Really very helpfull

  4. Anshul Das says:

    plz bro no music in reading plzz

  5. Asma Shariq says:

    Uh are awesome..

  6. Megha Choudhary says:

    U talk a lot of extra things in between….bt a grt job….thanks for helping

  7. Harsh Tyagi says:

    Thank u Bhai apka bhut bhut

  8. Shobha Badgali says:

    Bahut boring hai aapka paadane ka style acha nahi hai

  9. Crazy Sahil says:

    Thanks brother mujhe bilkul bhi novel ni aati thi but aap ke short story ne meri bahot help ki thanks alot bro sorry bro bol ne ke liye ( thanx sir)

  10. Amarjyoti Kumar Sah says:

    Thank you Bhai

  11. Anuj Soreng says:

    Brother your video is very useful but I request you to plz maintain the volume of background music… I will request to you to avoid the music when you are explaining.. otherwise is was perfect…

  12. Anshuman Pandey says:

    Thanks for making such a good video for class 12 students


    Bhaiya link nhi khul rha character vaala n imo question vaala…

  14. Sufran shaikh says:

    Are u reading from text book

  15. aritra samanta says:

    Bhaiya app full marks se help lete ho na??
    Aur appka video bahut helpfull Raha …. thanks

  16. Joginder Rathee says:

    Plz background music matt lagaya kro Bhot disturbance create karta hain

  17. Salil Kumar says:

    bhai sahi padha rahe ho

  18. Prasnjeet Pandey says:

    Nice teach dear brother i like this method you are so handsome

  19. Tanvi S Pandey says:

    Best ho bhy

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  21. harsu Rana says:

    Nic bhai

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    But improve

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