CANCER JAN 6th – 12th | THEY’RE MISSING YOU! – Cancer Tarot Love Reading

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CANCER JAN 6th – 12th | THEY’RE MISSING YOU! – Cancer Tarot Love Reading

NOTE: Personal readings not available just yet. Will update.



:: Winner will be announced at the end of January ::


– Arcanum Tarot
– Gilded Tarot
– Angel Tarot
– Romance Angels Oracle
– Angel Answers Oracle

I am Aries Sun, Capricorn Moon & Scorpio Rising.

This is your intuitive tarot reading. I hope you enjoy.

Keep in mind, this is a general reading. Therefore it may not resonate with everyone. Check your moon, venus & rising sign for more insight xx

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23 Responses

  1. Jessica Chapa says:

    Thank you for your reading

  2. regina dent says:

    I would like an Angel card.I have not had luck in men maybe this will be my year 2019.It seems like no one is interested in me.I would like a trust worthy honest companion.Who will love me even though I have flaws.when and how long is my waiting period.Will I ever fall in love again.this year.

  3. La Sirene says:

    He's not coming back. Stubborn Taurus.

  4. Maureen Hyland says:

    I'd love those cards, please!!!

  5. Katarzyna Monika says:

    I would love to win ! Thank you for giving us a chance

  6. Yours Truly says:

    Good! Let them miss me. They know where I live. They know what I like. They have cars and motorcycles. They know how to find me.

  7. Metaphysical Mother says:

    Yes i met my soulmate Taurus Dec 19 vouldnt get enough of each other went out 5 times up tell dec 29 we tried to.see eachother twice but his vampire composer hours and 2 major projects overdue had him.on lock down! Thank god i am having a spiritual awakening and have discplines i am focusing on and going out having fun with friends and working out and focusing on getting organized and cleaning my home i still have mass of energy to burn! Cant wait to come back together after 9 fin days!!!

  8. Malisha Simmons says:

    I would love to be in the angel giveaway

  9. Sherri Taylor says:

    Cancer cancer

  10. Rudy Ruiz says:

    Wow , ty ! 333

  11. Chimere brooks says:

    Im out like a light took a break change my number shut my feelings off now he can burn it up

  12. Sofia Q says:

    I would like to enter the giveaway. Thank you!

  13. Laelien says:

    I’d love to be a part of the giveaway:) ❤️

  14. Jess Wie says:

    Thank you for your reading. Please consider me in your Angel Tarot Card give away. I would love this set.

  15. Myia Hinton says:

    I would like to be on the list

  16. Rosie Alverdes says:

    I love the Angel Tarot! Thank you the chance to win it!

  17. Kim Kalo says:

    Thank you for the reading. Most of it resonated with me. Also, I am interested in the Angel Cards. (I've recently incorporated angels into my own personal readings, and they have helped tremendously.)

  18. Jada x says:

    I’m a cancer in love with a Virgo. We have been broken up for a few months but I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately and am hoping he has been too

  19. Miss Tery says:

    Please let her gain new love ❤️

  20. Samantha says:

    It pains my OCD everytime you shuffle and bend those gorgeous cards..

  21. Edward Turner Jr says:

    I feel like Jack in box so I'm going to sit back and watch it all unfold

  22. Kristina Crowther says:

    I want to win.

  23. TA TA says:

    I met up with my person yesterday and he was acting all nice but i was looking at him alittle funny because i dont trust him but he did say how much he misused me so much

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