Bookmark: Kingsley Amis (1991), Part One

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On the occasion of the publication of his memoirs, writer Kingsley Amis is the subject of this episode of Bookmark. In addition to his backround and upbringing, family life and literary inspiration, Amis also speaks of his friendship with poet Phillip Larkin and other British literary lions of his generation.

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  1. Landlordbloke says:

    Wonderful novelist, if you fail to laugh out loud whilst reading Lucky Jim or Jake's Thing you should check your pulse.


    You have to admire (almost love) KA for showing off his naked chest like that: would Mart?

    Seeing this vid inspired me to write something about Time and Age…

  3. Paraquito says:

    He really let them "invade" his life…watching him shaving, cereal boxes, etc. Not many writers, intellectuals would be that open or, in that way, unpretentious. I rather admire him for that. Could you see Nabokov allowing this? Hitchens? Dawkins? All those other modern thinkers?

  4. John says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I loved this documentary when I first saw it on the box and I had begun to despair of it ever appearing on YT. Kingsley Amis: easily the best post-war British novelist and, as this film demonstrates, Britain's most interesting literary figure by a long chalk. Who fills his shoes now? Certainty not his son.

  5. plautusbrassus says:

    I don't know, but I would guess it's Bix Beiderbecke or one of his contemporaries of whom KA remained fond throughout his life.

  6. John K Lindgren says:


  7. Dai Thomas says:

    Patrick Hamilton's the best.

  8. Dai Thomas says:

    Martin Amis is a peacock.

  9. antoniorossiz says:

    Very cool. Thank you very much for uploading this..!

  10. John J S says:

    If you like Kingsley Amis then for your own sake, and for entertainment's sake, read Martin Amis's autobiography 'Experience.' Half of it is about KA, and seriously it has everything: a laugh every page, at times terribly poignant, full of glorious anecdotes and most notably it's seriously very well written – it's Martin Amis, after all – I don't mind admitting it even made me go a bit husky and brave at times too – often very moving. Thanks for posting this, wonderful!

  11. creamycanarie98 says:

    Jake's Thing is a monument for novels

  12. Justin P says:

    THANKS YOU! love this man

  13. Dor Shilton says:

    Proud to be the 15th viewer.

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