Book Marketing | Making Aesthetics for Your Novel

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Some of my search terms: cliffside aes, medieval aes, ireland aes, green magic aes, demon aes, magic aes, wolf running aes.

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29 Responses

  1. Vivien Reis says:

    Tag me on Twitter (@VivienReis) or Instagram (@Vivien.L.Reis) with your aesthetics!!

  2. Briana Morgan says:


  3. Faith Murri says:

    I LOVE PICMONKEY!! I've been using it for about 6 years! It's fantastic!

  4. Heather Dewey Pettet says:

    Hi, I live in Fla, too!

  5. Karen Dietrich says:

    I love mood boards for books. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Ida Bergh-Smith says:

    Not that this is of any importance, but when I'm spelling aesthetic, I usually think of it like aes – the – tic. That's what I do with a lot of complicated words because it isn't as hard to remember, or lose track of

  7. Lea Speer says:

    I have a Theo too:) he’s a surrogate older brother to the Mc:)

  8. Deavertex says:

    I'm gonna be real stupid here. Just what is an aesthetic for?

  9. Gnosister says:

    I’ve always loved these. Thanks for this! Very helpful 🙂

  10. Piper Kennedy says:

    This was an awesome video, thank you! I've used canva in the past, but it looks like you can do so much more photo editing with pic monkey, I'll have to check it out!!

  11. Timothy Andrea Walcott says:

    a site I use to find pictures on is unsplash, it has some great pictures with high resolution 🙂

  12. Zubaer Chaudhari says:

    Vivien Reis you’re just really coolest female Booktube

  13. 9_Bucks says:

    I've been doing this all along without thinking of it lol to help get visual ideas for things. But I've been making my collages in MS paint. Lol

  14. the farah project. says:

    This was actually very helpful and very fun to watch! I'm also hoping to get around to making my own (and very first) aesthetics in a video very soon!

  15. Rachel Adams says:

    LOVE this! It's a great way to give readers an additional insight into the story!

    My only question is would there be copyright issues from taking the images from pinterest and/or online to market a novel?

  16. Hazel J M Lafferty says:

    Absolutely love this video! Brb, off to make my own… I'll tag you!

  17. Astermaris says:

    Hi! Thanks for sharing this tip! I find it very inspiring and it also helps get back into a character or a mood when writing 🙂

  18. Sarah Parker-Ford says:

    These are so lovely to look at! How would you give credit, though, to the original owners of the images? I'd love to make grids like this, but I'm confused as to how crediting works on social media. Don't want to step on any creators' toes ♡♡♡

  19. Bonmerbun says:

    I need crickets sounds for my life. I have too many moments like that. Loved it.

  20. Eydis Mirren says:

    I love making pintrest boards of aesthetics for my fictional world and characters, it has helped me immensely when I'm trying to dig deeper into a character or aspect of the world. Pictures somehow help me much more than filling out character info charts and such. As for your comment on finding pictures or aesthetics of colored people, I haven't found that problem at all. I can't remember the key words I've used but there is an endless supply of pictures, especially of ethnic tribes and such.

  21. Asher Elric says:

    I’ve done this for a story before it’s fun.

  22. Hannah Tamzar says:

    I have no idea what aesthetic is… Thnk U x that (:

  23. bytheBrooke says:

    I need to make more aesthetics! I think the reason why I don't is cause I can get lost for hours looking up beautiful pictures lol. Lovely video, Vivien! Hope you're excited for this new year with a baby on the way 🙂

  24. Shrek The Ogre says:

    Amazing idea! Thanks 🙂

  25. Dianne B. Dee says:

    Idris Elba's good. I've done this only in Photoshop. For my novel "Samskara" which is my version of Homer's "The Iliad" I decided to do these kinds of things for my characters. I haven't done it for my other novels "Caldera" and a book series I haven't come up with a name for yet. I find these sorts of "boards" for want of a better name for them, highly helpful in setting mood and whatnot for all my characters and settings.

  26. Laura Mae says:

    I'm so glad you made this video. I use InDesign right now to make aesthetics and it's not really user friendly and takes forever. Thanks so much for making this!!

  27. Black Orchid says:

    I love making aesthetic boards. I can spend hours looking for the perfect combination of pictures, filters, and fonts and not get tired of it.

  28. Astrid St. says:

    It's a nice idea in general, but you should have probably mentioned that it is not quite okay to just take anything from pinterest, where you don't own the rights, or where you did not ask the creator, if it is okay to use those pictures. Especially if you are using it for marketing purposes. It can get you in trouble too.

  29. Keylin Rivers says:

    I tried making an aesthetic for my novel once… spent like 5 hours down the internet/pintrest rabbit whole. I don’t have enough self-control to do this regularly hahah I’d never write!

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