Book Club (RISC-V Reader) – Day 4: 2.4-2.5

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0:01 Recap and set the stage for the day
1:49 Review where we’re at
2:27 Chapter 2.4 – RV32I Integer Computation:
3:43 A few words on the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities due to branch-prediction and speculative execution
8:19 Chapter 2.4 continued
10:08 Point out the mistake in the book’s description of the “call” pseudo-instruction
13:30 Chapter 2.4 continued, on RISC-V’s simple arithmetic instructions
16:47 A few words of praise for the concision of the RISC-V base ISA
19:36 Plug Casey’s Meow hash – – Mārtiņš’s ports to ARMv8 – – and C without special hardware instructions – – and Miblo’s plea for a RISC-V port – – which will happily contribute – – once RISC-V gets the proposed vector and crypto extensions:
37:01 Chapter 2.4 continued, on RISC-V’s comparison and branching instructions
39:15 Summarise the concept of auipc and jal to allow for 32-bit immediates
46:16 Figure 2.4 – The registers of RV32I:
52:27 Chapter 2.4 continued, on the differences between RISC-V and ARM
55:36 Chapter 2.4 Elaboration 1 – “Bit twiddling” instructions
55:54 Chapter 2.4 Elaboration 2 – xor enables a magic trick
59:47 XOR swap, thanks to algebraic reversibility
1:19:12 Chapter 2.4 Elaboration 2 continued
1:21:54 XOR linked list, again thanks to algebraic reversibility: and
1:43:36 Chapter 2.5 – RV32I Loads and Stores
1:46:23 Recommend Fabian’s videos on CPU µArch:
1:50:55 Chapter 2.5 continued, on differences in load / store instruction between RISC-V and MIPS and ARM
1:51:52 Recommend Robert Baruch’s LMARV-1 video series:
1:53:23 Chapter 2.5 Elaboration – Endianness
1:55:27 Endianness from Gulliver’s Travels:
1:59:19 That’s the end of 2.5
1:59:59 Chat comment: “I missed this episode”
2:02:06 Endianness in practice in pcalc:
2:02:18 Chat comment: “I have a question for you: Is hamming distance implemented in RISC-V ISA and the compiler for more energy / code efficiency?”
2:05:31 Endianness in practice in pcalc continued, including connecting to an X11 server using the ~/.Xauthority file
2:12:05 End the episode there

Annotated by Miblo –

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