Bohemian Grove: The Most Forbidden Place in America

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The Bohemian Grove is one of the most mysterious and forbidden places on Earth. Oh, and it’s also the meeting location of a cult comprised of some of the world’s most powerful individuals…

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45 Responses

  1. Anthony Hathaway says:

    Alex Jones is an American hero.

  2. Adrian Ilie says:

    Definitely illuminati

  3. zolner says:

    Humnum shavai humnum shavai humnum shavai

  4. koolcat420 says:

    Can someone get in there with a fully loaded drum of 7.62×39 and just start dropping these demons?

  5. d t says:

    Their owl looks like an eagle

  6. Kai Mitchell says:

    Your statement about the photo of Nixon and Reagan from 1967 is a little misleading. Nixon had been in the public arena for over a very long time by 1967. He was very well known for his role in the hearings against Alger Hiss and for serving as Vice President under Dwight Eisenhower. In addition, Reagan was governor of California at this time which definitely explains his presence at the grove in this picture. By 1967 Nixon's was a clear contender for the Presidency and a photograph of him here with Reagan is probably nothing more than an interesting coincidence. I probably sound like an Illuminatti defender here. I agree 100% that extremely important decisions are made at the Bohemian club by these men who control huge portions of the world.

  7. generic person says:

    This is why I don’t trust the police with this going on I’m pretty sure most police are paid off.

  8. generic person says:

    Or just a bunch of rich white guys with a lot of free time.

  9. generic person says:

    Basically a kkk frat house

  10. Young Life says:

    This video is old but somebody should tell the people that go there "f*** your club" and see what happens

  11. Tunz909 says:

    Wasn't Scalia there just before he was killed?

  12. Eric Royal says:

    All those men a pussies.

  13. RustyShackelford6 says:

    Old white men

  14. James Sm says:

    Alex jones was younggggg

  15. Juan F Lopez says:

    Tik tok is the real enemy

  16. steven vos says:


  17. Davido 10101 says:

    Hail Satan! I wish I could visit one day, should the devil lord allow me….

  18. B4d7ss says:

    We'll never understand old white men worshipping owls

  19. First Last says:

    I wouldn’t call it “most forbidden” place

  20. Uchiha Obito says:

    This is some kkk looking shit lol

  21. Uchiha Obito says:

    I’ll join in as a spy and I’ll tell you guys what happens there

  22. naejimba says:

    I love how youtube now puts little banners on topics like this or 9/11 to tell us what to think… they can't have us getting all confused and thinking critically.

  23. Franc Dollar says:

    There’s no male Prostitute or bs like that. It’s a bunch of rich old dudes who are heads of business and state, and get blind drunk and act out plays like Greek tragedies while wearing wigs and dresses for fun. The cremation of care is s take off on a pagan ceremony of doing away with your worries and concerns and going boldly forward into a new year. No one cared but then a new influential people realized “I can act like a person here and not be worried I’m going to be filmed or torn down if I relax and get drunk. It’s not bad” so they told their friends and etc and like everything else people think is cool or fun for them it blows up eventually. The draw isn’t secret pacts, it’s like a summer camp week for a bunch of guys who have given up personal privacy due to their jobs and ambitions and this place lets them just say fuck it, act like a drunken camp kid.

  24. Tim Chytenskov says:

    The Masons run that place all around.

  25. jay fox says:

    This is pure fake news I don't believe an organizing name bohemian grove exist.

  26. Rorend Faye says:

    I bet it's just a damn club house with people networking, but nothing to freak out about -_-

  27. Jim Gatti says:

    I'm gonna go there play guitar open my guitar case and try to make a few extra dollars

  28. GriiffixPVP says:

    95% of you guys dont have a reason so bash Alex Jones because you guys dont go and get facts either hes wrong allot but you guys are too. Most people who bash him bash every republican etc… everyone pretty much under 40 doesnt use sources or anything or will not actually sit down and listen to the persons words. Most of the youth is listening to retarded rappers and singers who are overdosing on drugs and shit. Sure its easy to want peace and shit and think its completely possible when ur fucking 5percs in and chugging booze and smoking joints or blunts yeaaa theyre out of it. I just wish people actually sat down and listened to all politicians and shit to form own opinions… Like fuck I sat down for trump hillary obama trump sanders bush fucking like all of them man carson everyone… most of its bullshit but fuck id rather form my own opinion than listen to everyone else forming un-logical opinions.

  29. Kenjamin Slutton says:

    This looks like the place from true detective that they were talking about

  30. Chris says:

    I don't care about politicians having a dodgy party in the woods,who gives a toss.There are more important things than this stuff. Move on .

  31. WHITE PRIDE says:

    That's just a lowkey Clan meeting

  32. WHITE PRIDE says:

    Do you know how easy it is to sneak into this place right ? Haha … honestly think it's where they murder people for high money pots or some weird sex ring

  33. mojoriden says:

    You do know Alex Jones just made up his 'footage' right? I thought everyone knew that.

  34. Øystein A. says:

    If an actual hidden group that controls the earth exists, this would be a red herring.

  35. Efrain De La Torre Ramirez Jr. says:

    I won't be surprised if the grove was attacked or in any way be taken down

  36. Trigger Finger says:

    It’s the super kkk lmao nah this shit weird though

  37. faded fella says:

    Satanic Pedo Cults shouldn't be real.
    Some spc shit.

  38. Tim Finnegan says:

    I dont see any whamen or pocs ! Im triggered as feck!

  39. 1 2 says:

    Im finna pull up with all my crips and we going with our shoota to see wassup

  40. republic1001 says:

    Cult shit happening with fake sacrifices.
    WHITE MAN records it all.
    Like a horror movie.

  41. Black Onyx says:

    Best place to talk about secrets is in the good outdoors with people who’ve been sworn into the same or related stuff as you. Nobody gets in there when they have meetings. Especially now in 2019. They have sensors and cameras everywhere. Secret service and cops patrolling.

  42. RAINBOW7/11 says:

    Grove Street home, at least it was before I fucked everything up

  43. Nate Denington says:

    Monte should be pronounced eith a soft a, not hard e. I bussed at the old grove, all the west sonoma county kids do it.

  44. fowling snicker says:

    There was a reference to this in house of cards

  45. Hasebe says:

    The Bohemian grove is where our politicians go to worship saten

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