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  1. OliviaJayne says:

    anyone watchin in 2020??!?!?!!?

  2. nabil lost says:

    Muhammad The Glory Man

  3. Arson Hajihil says:

    La ilaha ill Allah Muhammad Rasulullah..Islam is the religion of all Prophets and it what I profess.

  4. Straight Edge says:

    Peace be unto you!
    "Whosoever killeth a human being, it will be as if he had killed all mankind…." (Quran 5:32)
    This very verse alone is enough for anyone to understand Islam. My request for everyone would be to not believe everything you see on media, but to do your own research about Islam, because I can guarantee you that you will find the opposite.

  5. gravediggy says:

    just shows us all that man has corrupted all religions and made them to justify all kinds of evil, I feel most religions follow the same path, to love one other to have compassion to all and give justice to all.

  6. Julio Kosters says:

    It say 6 periods of time not 7, dont misqoute the Quran LOL.

  7. Julio Kosters says:

    I became a muslim and i see just the opposite of what you are writing. If muslims are Evil__I believe Love is a strange word to you also.
    Since you keep on repeating the same nonsence, i dont see any reason to continue our talk. Muslims should be running away from you. If your words are so dangereous to them who knows what your actions will be!!!???

  8. sheridan dalgetty says:

    Yout answer is wrong so when you answer that spiritual Question correctly then I will answer all what you write because I can see how you are so lost dumb so until then you can write al you want I will not respond to you little devil almighty God hate sin and sinner like Muslim who are just evil beast who hate human life Amen.

  9. Julio Kosters says:

    I wish i can understand you better.
    East and West belongs to God. Are you testing the message of Islamic monotheism or do you want us to talk about politics?
    1. Who is sin?_I take it to be you, by insulting people you dont even know or meet in your life before. Your anger of hate towards muslims mainly comes from christians or atheist, are you one of them?
    2.What is sin?_Anything that is hazardous to your health directs or indirectly.
    In my opinion your photo looks matured than your comments.

  10. sheridan dalgetty says:

    I am they wrong man for you to talk to like that, you believe that your evil way of life fair me, I live in this world and I have not witness no other man evil like the man you people honour which is just about hate for human life look around your Muslim world and now look around the west you people are just evil and more evil teach children to hate from baby now you say I have nothing to offer to you spiritually Question who is sin?? & what is sin??? you have to give 3 answer for each Question

  11. Julio Kosters says:

    Aged enought to respects yourself. We need our faith to be tested with logic & reasoning rather than your vain accusations.
    We hear this words day & nights. The contineous insults on Islam, Muhammad(saw), the koran, & muslims, will do more good than harm to us. This proves to muslims that you have nothing spiritual to offer to them than your monster language. Your time will soon be up to accounts for your words and actions.

  12. Julio Kosters says:

    Nice to hear the truth from outsiders as well.

  13. Muslim for life says:

    Sheridan dalgetty
    How will u feel if i said that jesus raped a girl every night and that ur religion isnt right and the worst religion of all. But i wont cuz im not like u i only speak when i have full knowledge about something. I dont get why u guys hate on muslims what have we evr done worng to u guys. If u guys r judging us by what osama did then let me tell u wat have i learned. I learned that EVERYONE SHOULD BE JUDGED INDIVIGUALY.

  14. Ethan CK says:

    These videos have helped so much! i have been told horrible things about Islam and its prophet but to do your own research on what ever you are looking for helps show you that it is not as bad as people make it sound! True islam of what i have learned is far different than what some muslims practice today. All three great religions of the jews christians and muslims are and have changed. you can only find the truth if you do your own research. As for me! I wish to know more of Islam and Mohammad

  15. mikail tmt says:

    it actually tells both women n men to gaurd there modesty

  16. mikail tmt says:

    the lady said there is nothing in the qur'an that says women have to be coverd im afraid shes rong

  17. sheridan dalgetty says:

    You are a Lawless little devil just look at how you dress as a woman who is saying your religion is true you do not have no example for no body and that is Islam just like the Christian and all other religion in this world that is why I am saying all Christian Muslim and Hindu are going to the lake of fire No sins will go to Heaven Question which part of your body is your human gate I wait for your answer The Qur' an is for Murder liar haters and to help you to deceive other and live in sins

  18. sheridan dalgetty says:

    Question do you know what the Bible is for to human been and why the run from it I will wait for your answer I do not debate I Give Question and a message to all of you who life is in big trouble not with man but with God I am the last day messenger to warn all of you who living in all the sins going to the lake of fire No christian Muslim or Hindu will go to Heaven all is going to the lake of fire If you do not get out of sin and start to read the Bible obey and do you will find out I lienot

  19. sheridan dalgetty says:

    Why do you Muslim lie so much that Book was not put together in Muhammad life time Why did Muhammad married that roman woman he was a thief and he copied from the Bible and all the book and then paste and the little book had no dot no full stop so one word could mean up 30 meaning that is what the Qur'an is all about I am not ask I am telling you you can say what you like it is a evil book it teach you 1 to hate 2 to lie 3 to murder 4 you must deceive unbeliever I do not accept nothing you say

  20. sheridan dalgetty says:

    I always know that Allah was not God I always know that Muhammad was not a prophet I always know that Islam is the worst religion in the whole world and I always know Muslim are the dumbest people in this whole would not 9 11 make me know that Look at what Muslim turn Iran into today All of these Biography I have seen about that evil whore monger and war monger the just take out and put in what the want you to see I read the Que'an and what it say that is what was Muhammad did and tell you todo

  21. sheridan dalgetty says:

    Which Jesus are you talking about Muslim??? Next Which part of your body is your human gate I wait for your answer I know that you Muslim devil like to tell people that the hate you which is a lie it is you Muslim who hate human been look around and see right now what is happening who is haven war with every body just because the would not accept your way of life that you jihad-es to the what to bring to the whole world Islam is the evilest religion in the world I will never be a Muslim Ilienot

  22. begums1 says:

    Jazakallhu khaiyran

  23. elijah mohammed says:

    I like dis video, Subhan'Allah -3 🙂

  24. Yan San says:

    wow unbelievable the amount of hate a video regarding islam makes me angry at first but then im just sad..

  25. dilip rocky says:

    fools you can clearly understand by the full part that he informed clearly to change the 160 gods you had in the Kaaba to one that is One god and his son Jesus Christ who was sent to clear our thoughts in terms of our sin and how you get apology from the holy God he was also sent to Jerusalem to know the true god that is Jesus Christ in between he had obstacles or problem with the people were tried to unite all tribes by fortune he died, he also says that he is not Jesus that indicates truth

  26. hrharmer says:

    By following the Looter Prophet, you has been defeated 5 times. Next challenge please.

  27. hrharmer says:

    1. Kab Asharf: Muhammad sent Aus's murderer when Kab was in his home= 1:0.
    2. Abu Rafi: Mhd sent Khazraj's murderer when AB was on the bed= 2:0.
    3. Jewish: a Mhd's command to KILL ALL Jew even there are no battle, either no Jesus as u said. Only a crazy man who thought the rock can speak to him= 3:0
    4. unHoly quran 9:5: no battle when the crazy verses revealed by the Crazy Muhammad= 4:0.
    5. q9:6: but if they don't want convert to islam, watch 9:5 = 5:0.
    Next challenge please!

  28. Muslim4life76 says:

    u answer me ur just a hater everyone loves lies hates the truth come on ask me any question i challenge u

  29. Muslim4life76 says:

    i ment wer it says muslims will fight jews ye toward the day of judgement jesus will come n desend n antichrist will come the jews will b on the anti christ side muslims will b on jesus pbuh side n dey attacked the prophet cuz he preached 1 god read in context it is talking about the battle between jews and muslims

  30. Muslim4life76 says:

    Firstly it was at the time of battle read it context" And if any one of the polytheists seeks your protection, then grant him protection so that he may hear the words of Allah . Then deliver him to his place of safety".9;6 AND WEn u r tlkin bout you muslims fight jews this is talking bout on the day of judgement wen jesus will desend and jews started the war so allah sed kill den wer ever u find dem becausse dey attacked the prophet but den allah says grant dem proctection if dey want it

  31. hrharmer says:

    BTW I really love this video so I keep it in my playlists tittle "ISLAM & HYPOCRITE". Please visit, watch & place a comment. Thanks

  32. hrharmer says:

    Bukhari 4:52:270=Narrated Jabir bin Abdullah: Prophet said: "Who is ready to kill Ka'b bin Al-Ashraf who has really hurt allah & his apostle?"
    Bukhari 5:59:371=Narrated Al Bara nin Azib: allah apostle sent men from the Anshar to kill Abu Rafi"
    Bukhari 4:52:176=Narrated Abdullah bin Umar. allah apostle said: "You (muslims) will fight with the Jews till some one of them will hide behind the stones… there is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him"

  33. Muslim4life76 says:

    Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet said, "The biggest of Al-Kaba'ir (the great sins) are (1) to join others as partners in worship with Allah, (2) to murder a human being, (3) to be undutiful to one's parents (4) and to make a false statement," or said, "to give a false witness."

  34. hrharmer says:

    BTW I cancelled to convert to islam after I read some of Muhammad's biography

  35. hrharmer says:

    I've read unHoly quran + interpretation, many hadits & biography of Muhammad, then I realized he was not a prophet at all. He was a great of Arab war lord, while 'allah' was Muhammad himself. islam is the Devil's cult full of hatred, intolerance & violence.
    The most bullshit from this video is the greatest deception of islam. LOOK 6:40 = unHoly quran Al Maidah 5:32: "Because of that, we decreed upon THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL that whoever kills …". But for moslems? Look q9:5.

  36. Manoj Kumar says:

    history channel please show one programme how to remove the menace of islam from the earth !!!!!!!!

  37. Manoj Kumar says:

    this is again an islamic agenda to spread the demons religion

  38. Mya Roget says:

    how did he end up getting thrown out

  39. weeksco lewis says:

    Muhammad was a unique man. So sad that most of his teachings are now used in a negative way.

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