Bill Donohue Debates Christopher Hitchens

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My Indexing
00:53 start
08:42 Bill Donohue
18:22 moderator explains
20:27 Christopher Hitchens start
30:32 Bill Donohue 4 min questions
34:38 Christopher Hitchens 4 min questions
40:09 Bill Donohue 8 minutes
48:10 Christopher Hitchens
56:20 Bill Donohue
01:02:20 Christopher Hitchens

A subscriber sent me his :

00:53 start (Moderator explains the institution and how professional and civil it is)
08:42 Bill Donohue – (Shouts insults, calls names, and uses props)
18:22 moderator explains – (Introduces Hitch)
20:27 Christopher Hitchens start (Professional explanation about Mother T)
30:32 Bill Donohue 4 min questions – (More name calling and insults)
34:38 Christopher Hitchens 4 min questions – (Asks “Was there a question there?”)
40:09 Bill Donohue 8 minutes – (More hatred and whining)
48:10 Christopher Hitchens – (Hitch says homosexuality is a form of love, the bigots in the audience laugh)
56:20 Bill Donohue – (Threats and hate)
01:02:20 Christopher Hitchens (SLAP)

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37 Responses

  1. Abdul Hannan Abdul Matheen says:

    Christopher has huge balls to face that audience bluntly

  2. Samson G says:

    This blowhard Donohue sounds strikingly similar to Donald Trump

  3. Zeeshan Ilahi says:

    What an idiot, disgraceful and dishonest person. Hitchens was too polite with this stupid act.

  4. lam bda says:

    As a Catholic, the belief system (or non-belief system) of the late Mr. Hitchens would in general be incompatible with mine. Nonetheless, Donahue uses a variation of the Gish gallop in debating Hitchens. Notice also that Hitchens politely refers to Donahue as "Dr. Donahue", whereas Donahue quite rudely and patronizingly refers to Hitchens as "Chris".

    Donahue should go to Confession for all the cheap shots he took at Hitchens.

  5. Patrick Cunningham says:

    Sicko creep defending perverted priests. Youtube should block this sociopath.

  6. Peter Flores says:

    What a bombastic, unhinged, ranting and raving, authoritarian, self-pitying, little man Donohue was and still is. He spends his time these days defending child-raping priests, the apex of human degeneracy.

  7. ezra angelowsky says:

    What a disgusting, grotesque, filthy, dishonest, demagogue, this Donohue person is… I am really sorry for his family, which I doubt he has one…

  8. Holy Koolaid says:

    What's gross is Donohue's still at it. Here is whitewashing the Catholic Church's child sex abuse scandal/cover up:

  9. dadylarge says:

    Bill & his cult rape children. There is two types of catholics, those that rape children & those that support raping children. This is a simple FACT. If you are a catholic & support the church, then you support child rape. I don't beLIEve in your god, but if you do & it turns out you're right, you'll have some explaining to do.

  10. Benjamin Park says:

    How can the Catholics even think about having this vulgar creature defending them?

  11. Benjamin Park says:

    This debate is beneath Hitchens. This bloke is just throwing personal insults while Hitchens is sticking to the topic.

  12. daniel crotty says:

    Infants are born with AIDS, and people still follow this shithead!

  13. Rapppid X says:

    Amazing how the Christian attacks his opponent as a person in a faible attempt to justify believing in a God.
    but his opponent only attacks the flaws in the believes in a god.
    And still people clap when the Christian commits logical fallacies

  14. Chris G says:

    Jesus Christ, I want to hear both sides of the debate but Donahue is so goddamn loud and obnoxious.
    Reminds me of the absurd and cringy people me and my parents used to listen to when I was a brainwashed, catholic kid.

  15. Matt Young says:

    Dr. Donahue? Bahahahahah!!

  16. Osmosis says:

    12:08 – The look on Hitchens' face as he takes in this torrent of vulgarity.

  17. toshir0m1 says:

    Wow. What did I just watch……..
    You think you've seen every other insane idiot after the likes of Louie Gohmert, Alex Jones, Sarah Palin, Sebastian Gorka, etc. And then you stumble upon this caricature. Fucking how.

  18. banacek8675 says:

    Bill Donohue is a bigoted old parasite. His only problem with Hitler was that Hitler curtailed some of the churches powers. He wishes that the Nazis won WW2, the Catholic Church ruled America and that the Church could continue to rape little boys unhindered without criticism. When is this Neanderthal going to die already???

  19. Mark says:

    I love how in his closing statements he mentions Dennis hastert as if he has a precognition moment that will be sure to win the argument for hitchens

  20. Vanguard says:

    bitchens got BITCH SLAPPED!!!

  21. Southern Swampbilly says:

    Bill Donohue is a blowhard bag of shit, he is rude and calls himself a christian and acts like this toward another human who disagrees with him. Seems to me what he did on this debate was to show arrogance like a lot of religious leaders that destroys all credibility to the church. All this debate was mostly about if you can call this a debate was to bring on "The Hitch" and try to mock and  belittle him for standing up against  "Mother Fraud"

  22. Adam Birkholtz says:

    Mr. "Catholic shool-educated" is anti-knowledge, an angry little ignorant.

  23. Bejaardenbus says:

    I genuinely don't think I've ever seen such a poor, horrible debater as Donahue. Absolutely atrocious, and the epitome of someone who has no material and thus tries to make it a personal fist fight. And on top of that, he only screamed and never talked. How this man supposedly teaches at a university is beyond me, and would be reason to not take classes there.

  24. Jack Mc says:

    That's not Bill Donahue. If the actual Bill Donahue debated any atheist he would terminate their career.

  25. SomeCreepYouDontKnow says:

    "Elderly virgins terrified of sex shouldn't teach us about our sex lives"

    "You see that's what kind of person you are Christopher"

    ….a correct person?

  26. Mojo says:

    Hitch is a winner once again

  27. Jim Appleby says:

    It's interesting to watch, day on day, more and more Catholics turning their backs on the church and walking away. Ranting, foothing, snarling bigotry like that spewing from the mouth of Mr Donohue is unlikely to persuade them to stay.

  28. Edgar S.Harriague says:

    Donahue is the speaking example of being proud to be an ignorant offensive empty headed thing! Of course he doesn't even realize that!

  29. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    I have to say though – the priest looks like a 4×2.

  30. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    I'm an Englishman yet Bill you are spot on!

  31. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    Spot on Donohue!

  32. Phillip Monroe says:

    "Bill Donohue Tries And Spectacularly Fails To Debate Christopher Hitchens"

  33. Frank Maitland says:

    Hitchens was too deferential to these douchebags. He must have been tired.

  34. Frank Maitland says:

    I wish this old pedophile had challenged Hitchens on the street just once.

  35. Frank Maitland says:

    This old douche is probably a pedophile too.

  36. Frank Maitland says:

    The Priest at the beginning is a boorish bitch.

  37. Frank Maitland says:

    This apologist is such a cunt, Where is the Cardinal of Boston Law he's is or was hiding in the Vatican

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