BIG TIME RUSH: If I were to write an autobiography…

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James, Carlos, Logan and Kendall share with Popstar! what they would name their autobiographies, were they each to write one!

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28 Responses

  1. Namie Sansovini says:

    Hello big time rush

  2. Jessi Sabalaskey says:

    what about carlos his book will be called eating the corn dogs

  3. Jessi Sabalaskey says:

    that's funny kendall lol

  4. s_jm_rusher says:

    I love how they come up with titles for each other. Also…. I'M GOING TO BUY THOSE BOOKS

  5. Reniand Somenou says:


  6. Atikah M says:

    haha i would call mine "more than 1 language."

  7. Sara Caccialupi says:

    ❤ Carlos ❤ James ❤Logan ❤Kendall

  8. crystal Matthews says:

    I love how Logan turned to face Kendall

  9. Mariana Estrella says:

    hello,m,nteshiea logan

  10. Catherine Yankowski says:

    I'm going to make sure I live till 2054 so I can buy these books

  11. Cadence Maslow says:

    I'd buy Kendall's books I totally agree with him

  12. Celina Diaz says:

    Having fun in life yup

  13. Ellie Mackay says:

    But theres no more Borders D: D:

  14. Brittnee Ward says:

    "There's nothing more boring than organization" lmao Kendall 🙂

  15. Malery R says:

    "My book will be called 'book'" lolol

  16. msplum43 says:

    I'm totally with Kendall

  17. TheHypnoticBreadKitten/HypnoticTrance100 says:


  18. rimo abd says:

    i would buy that book :')

  19. Jalyn Chaffin says:

    i would buy all those books

  20. Genesis Rios Gomez says:


  21. iGotBulletproofSunshine says:

    I will buy all of those books, swear. They'd be brilliant.

  22. iGotBulletproofSunshine says:

    It's an old interview before Borders closed last year.

  23. mikeyisnotinteresting says:

    alright james and carlos im waiting

  24. Emmaretta Evans says:

    Yes! Haha, go Carlos! I would totally buy that book. 😀

  25. Ashley Wyble says:

    I think he said organization is fun

  26. bigtimelover11 says:

    I spelled organzing wrong oops

  27. bigtimelover11 says:

    Carlos: Oranizing Shit Is Fun

  28. Steph Romero says:

    ahh! kendall schmidt is so cute and funny! i <3 kendall schmidt!

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