Best Gold Country Music – Classics Country Gold Playlist Gold – Country Classic of All Time

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Best Gold Country Music – Classics Country Gold Playlist Gold – Country Classic of All Time.

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20 Responses

  1. woollen hat says:

    Can anybody list these tracks for me?

  2. RandomYouTube says:

    What's the name of the first song?
    It's my favorite

  3. Anyie Ngau says:

    What's a memory of the past…!!!

  4. Daniel Hallahan says:

    Not sure why the commercials come in during a song, but it takes a lot away from the music

  5. Falee Alkatiri says:

    this is like my world the western world

  6. Harley Wilt says:

    keepin it possitive

  7. Harley Wilt says:

    Hey, this is crazy. I write music. listen maybe lol

  8. Harley Wilt says:


  9. Jim Whitman says:

    The King Of The Yodellers
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  10. Lywona Monk says:

    This is country was real country with real feelings

  11. Choff C says:

    Excellent Set of Real Country..!!! from way down south in the Everglades..Cheers All

  12. Juan Varona says: Jolene by my son and friend- impromptu performance.

  13. Mel Ellington says:

    Down voted. Either these are fake songs, i.e. covers of the originals, or the original recordings have been distorted deliberately to evade copyright infringements. I'm inclined to believer the former rather than the latter. These are clever covers but they leave me feeling cheated. Many of the songs sound like they're singing in a tunnel and slightly slower in pace than the originals. There may be a few originals sprinkled among the covers but you have to listen to a lot of fake unsatisfying crap along with a few maybe genuine country songs.

  14. Yashwanth Kumar says:

    cathysongscountrysongs puttaparthy

  15. Isabelle Kkn says:

    Magnifique splendide merci

  16. mario ch says:

    This kind of music is the most genuine there is.

  17. Rebecca Jones says:

    I like the music

  18. Edilton Lima says:

    Bom dia galera

  19. andy hill says:

    the very first song in this play list I enjoyed the music and lyrics. if only the uploader had put a list of song titles and the artists in description box. or may be some one might know it, if you do please reply to my comment. 0_0

  20. Armando barbo says:

    ola siempre megusto musica countri grasias yo armando Bravo

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