‘Belief’ as according to Death

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Clip from the Hogfather where Death explains the nature of Belief.

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27 Responses

  1. Yagami Raito says:

    The uptick at the end is bs but i'll take it.

  2. Abbe Mårtensson says:

    Wow. Atheism and Ben Shapiro got rekt

  3. Slaggedfire says:

    Good scene, nothing else needs to be said. The others should stop wanking the scene, it speaks for itself.

  4. MJTRadio says:

    I knew a guy once who told me Discworld ended up talking him out of atheism. I haven't read any of the books yet (though I wholeheartedly intend to very soon) but if they're anything like this clip, I can totally see why.

  5. gyqz says:

    Reading the books in my early 20's I always imagined Death's voice to be more like Andrew Eldritch….only louder…a lot louder.

  6. Morten Riis Svendsen says:

    I don't know if this line was in the book, but it fits so well. Pratchett kept forgetting that he was writing about a children's fantasy world, and not the real world. Which is what made it awesome.

  7. kwith says:

    I just found this clip, holy shit that hit hard.

  8. nikushim666 says:

    "Grind it down and run it through a sieve" easy enough, there are countless molecules in the brain responsible for the concepts of "justice,guilt,mercy" Welcome to neurology, care to be specific as to which one?

  9. Ray Watson says:

    This is a very moving philosophy, but I think Terry just missed the mark. This sliding scale of "false belief" levels is not a sound philosophy.
    Its true that there is no bit of Universe that is made of particles of Love or Justice. In the final line, he says "How else can they become".

    But the Universe will NEVER have a particle of Love or Justice, so there's no point "grinding the Universe " for it. It's only People who can aspire to be loving and fair.
    And you don't get that by People having a false conviction that Love and Justice is some sort of intrinsic Universal Element controlling them.

    Justice and Love can only exist within People who live and act with Love and Justice by choice and preference.

    To achieve that, it's NOT necessary to have people believe lies to promote them ( ie Christmas and Fairy tales) .
    It's only necessary to act out traditions where people know they are just play acting, so that they briefly Experience the Joys of Love and Justice, to motivate them to be Loving and Just in their real full time lives.

    Myths and Fables just confuse and confound the mind, and cause people to be cynical, and thereby miss the important messages. Remember how you felt when Santa Claus "disappeared" ? I was never that attached to the Tooth Fairy myself ..

    … but Religion was a big let down. So many obvious lies.

  10. AURICOM says:

    U can see death's eyes XD

  11. MERK RETRO says:

    This really helps with the life long existential crisis I can't seem to shake. Don't fear the reaper bro.

  12. OkamsRazer says:

    If I have to Believe in something,anything, that isn't True in order for it to become….

    I choose to see Death as an eternal Watchman who mourns with us at the time of our passing and seeks to ease the transition. The Death is the Angel who sees our troubles in this life and only wishes he could do more…

    In Terry Pratchett's Universe Death is all these things and more but especially in The Hogfather we see him for what he truly is our dearest and longest suffering Friend.

  13. ThisguyQuake says:

    God she’s sexy

  14. Shaun Kelly says:

    'The place where the falling angel meets the rising ape' – pure poetry.

  15. Shaun Kelly says:

    The best explanation of why religion exists, and one of the most profound speeches in literature, Terry Pratchett said more in a sentence than most authors do in a whole book.

  16. Peterli Studer says:

    belief is a bit spread out, im not quite sure but its become a bigger puzzle, and it bacame very NOT AND AND.

  17. Grey Warden and Champion of Kirkwall says:

    With Death you can actually have the deepest conversations about life.

  18. Jay Flamel says:

    GNU Terry Pratchett

  19. Nodge X says:

    One of the best speeches in recent literature. The Hogfather is full of such silly wisdom and warped, but solid humanity. RIP Sir Terry.

  20. Nurlinda F Sihotang says:

    well, that was dark.

  21. PewPew_McPewster says:


  22. El Bandito says:

    Checkmate, theists. :p

  23. wongawonga1000 says:

    Death made me think about mythos over logos.

  24. Lewys Cousins says:

    No idea where this is from but it's awesome

  25. Lord Proteus says:

    I wish the Omega symbol was more visible on their outfits.

  26. Nightcrawler Wolf says:

    I got hogfather book based on the movie .

  27. Anon Johnson says:

    he argues in principle that mercy and justice cannot exist, yet they exist in action.

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