Behind the Scenes with Pierce Brosnan as James Bond 007

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From his initial introduction as James Bond in GoldenEye (1995) to his last interviews on Die Another Day (2002), we glimpse into the world of OO7 through the eyes of Pierce Brosnan and the irony of his tenure that would eventually end abruptly. Enjoy this short montage of an actor who won the role of Bond, James Bond.

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28 Responses

  1. Peter Franks says:

    Pity Broccolli stopped him getting it in '86…he had that Remington Steele twinkle there then ….before tragedy struck in '91 with his wife's death…he lost something then

  2. charles sturdivant says:

    So good.

  3. Sade Sade says:

    Brosnan best Bond ever, I mean that face, wow just beautiful. Please replace craig with Henry Cavill.

  4. Patrik Adolfsson says:

    I feel so sorry for Brosnan, people put so much hate on him after Die Another Day, and the producers not giving a reason for why they shut him out…
    Fucking cruel business.

  5. Sun S says:

    Such a handsome bond

  6. Christopher says:


  7. leftyfourguns says:

    Hugh Grant Bond? Good lord lmao

  8. Thangminlun Kipgen says:

    PB was born to play the role of James Bond

  9. Firemarioflower says:

    Sad that he doesn't mention George….  but for me Pierce is the best EVER,   the most FUN, charismatic, smoothest, most handsome,  most badass,  coolest,  sexiest  (i'm striaght guy,  but i think the women audience will agree with that) ,  best delivery,  sharpest dresser,  excellent at straighting his tie after leaving the battlefield,   perfect 007 there is.And his movies were great too….   Especially Die Another Day,   for many losers too outlandish but for me what  James Bond films are ALL ABOUT.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      1.  Brosnan         2.  Moore            3.  Lazenby            4.  Connery             5.  Datlon                6.  Craig.

  10. Hutch214 says:

    I grew up with Brosnan as Bond. Goldeneye was the first Bond flick I ever saw as a kid. These days, having seen them all time and time again, Lazenby and Dalton are my favorites.

  11. Seyed Amirhooshang Dehnadi says:

    The Irish Bond. I love him.

  12. John Smith says:

    'This one is more intense, it's more real'. Yes, gene therapy that can change a Northern Korean to a British Caucasian, as well as a suit that can electro shock someone as well as control a satellite that acts like a second sun. God Die Another Day was a real let down

  13. Arun Kumar says:

    Best bond forever

  14. Tom Williams Productions says:

    Ralph Finnes … awesome he got into thecfranchise eventually


    omg ! wow

  16. SXI96 says:

    Interesting fact: GoldenEye was originally going to be called GoldenEar

    Just kidding

  17. ENCRYPTOR says:

    liked him soo much even watching is non 007 movie minda feel like he is playing a bond role

  18. Michael Hastie says:

    They should have never sacked Pierce Brosnan from playing James Bond, he was the best, apart from Sean Connery. Daniel Craig as James Bond is ridiculous. I stopped watch Bond movies when Craig took over from Brosnan.

  19. Richard Morgan says:

    i always looked up to this man as a father figure and a role model. my dad died when i was a child so its kinda stange but he is the only guy i like all his movies protocall was my favourate movie

  20. Bboys Tri/vid says:

    The best 007 ever!

  21. Chris B says:

    He spoke about exploring the character and revealing layers never seen before. It is a shame that the 4 movies (that got progressively worse) never explored anything promised, but instead became just run of the mill action films.
    Not through any fault of Pierce himself, he was just given poor scripts, supporting cast and 3 bad directors.

  22. Sgt. Savage says:

    I just like him so much as Bond and I miss him as ole' Bondy, I really do. I feel like he was the greatest Bond, and he truly defined the character, not just because I grew up with him and he was my first Bond, but because he played Bond particularly well. I felt like Goldeneye had the best plot of his bond movies(or any bond movie for that matter, it was just great) and I feel like(no offense to the writers) that the other ones with him had sub-par writing, but were saved by Pierce's brilliant acting and screen presence. I feel really privileged to have had him as the bond of my childhood.

  23. Andrew Chapman says:

    3:25 Arnold Schwarzenegger, Emma Thompson and Sharon Stone?!!!! Seriously?

  24. Alica Ljungberg says:

    Best bond. (I might have a 90s childhood bias though).

  25. Raymond Holt says:

    0:35 HUH?!?!?! 40 SOMTHING? ohh wow such a professional reporter…..

  26. Juggernaut says:

    Keanu Reeves as James Bond lol, can you imagine him as JB with that shitty voice and total lack of charisma

  27. Seth says:

    Brosnan was born in 1964 in Ireland.

  28. naldo salee says:

    He is the epitome of James Bond.  he was born to do it.  No one is more perfect.  I don't think Daniel Craig is as a good for the role as Pierce but what can you do.

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