Behind the Scenes at the RNC with Martin Amis

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Watch the Republican National Convention from a unique perspective, as British novelist Martin Amis brings his critical eye to the American political circus. Filmmaker Jacob Septimus followed the writer to Tampa, where he tracked Amis’s wry take.

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13 Responses

  1. Nathan Pickering says:

    bit of a hit-piece

  2. Benedict Brunker says:

    Amis: Obama was made modest by power


  3. TheWaterboarder says:


  4. tommy2hats says:

    I just wanted to say that if you think that's what relativism is then you need to invest in a new dictionary to go with that thesaurus; also, obviously your understanding of what Bain Capital does is deeply lacking; but more importantly, can I see these columns you write? I bet they're brilliant. And really well written.

  5. TheWaterboarder says:

    Mutilated language? I'll tell the 200,000 people per week who read my magazine columns you think so. It's called accuracy.

    By business experience do you mean when he leveraged businesses with huge amounts of debt and then told them who to fire? Do a search for 'assest stripping,' Tommy.

    In regards to social policy, he doesn't have any. He's pro-choice, then he's anti-choice, he's pro public healthcare, then he's anti it.

    Your tired brand of undergraduate relativism is really fairly irksome.

  6. tommy2hats says:

    "a semblance of a counterpoint in reality"? "demonstrably abject"? It is as awkward to read language mutilated like this as it was for you and your poor abused thesaurus to construct it. Romney's strengths are obvious and it doesn't preclude you supporting his opponent to accept them. He has business and executive experience and in both endeavours he has been successful. Foreign policy inexperience is a potential weakness, but in your other two examples, you simply disagree with him.

  7. TheWaterboarder says:

    No, but they owe to themselves to vote for a candidate with a world view which has at least a semblance of a counterpoint in reality. The Republican candidate's world view, simply, doesn't. Don't confuse balance with objectivity. What are Romney's strengths? He's demonstrably abject on the economy, demonstrably abject on social affairs, demonstrably abject on foreign policy.

  8. tommy2hats says:

    I won't explain to someone who calls himself "TheWaterboarder" that perhaps, just as you probably haven't water-boarded anyone, Romney doesn't think fires on aircraft are a problem because the windows don't open. I would be wasting my time; you will never be convinced that both the candidates standing this year have their strengths and their weaknesses, and it cannot, and should not, ever be any of your business which they choose. And they owe you nothing; certainly no more than the Belgians do.

  9. TheWaterboarder says:

    I just want to apologise in advance for stealing this line and passing it off as my own.

  10. Byron's Big Hike says:

    It's a well known fact that reality has a liberal bias.

  11. Byron's Big Hike says:

    "Now if the world, America leads the world, America shapes the world, has done so for some time. It would be nice if the world could vote. And who do you think they'd elect?"

    Great quote.

  12. newlifeeveryday says:

    pompous asshole

  13. tommy2hats says:

    Can you imagine anything worse than letting the rest of the world choose your leader? Martin Amis wouldn't want the rest of the world to choose his Prime Minister for him, just as I wouldn't; it's lazy anti-Americanism to think that the politician more popular abroad would be the better option for American interests.

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