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Confessions Of A Medium by A L Kennedy was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on 12th March 2010.

Based on a true story in 1870’s London. Mr Parker is a sincere and kind man who, in search of a higher meaning to life, has moved from conventional religion to séances and spiritualism. He believes he has met his saviour in the guise of Mr Thomson, a charming, erudite and utterly mesmerising medium. But, unbeknown to Parker, Thomson is a complete and utter fake.

Bill Nighy as Mr Thomson
Robert Glenister as Mr Parker.
Also stars Jonathan Keeble, Andrew Westfield,
Fiona Clarke, Daryl Fishwick and Daniel Browell. Directed by Pauline Harris.

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9 Responses

  1. JW Suicides says:


  2. James Howells says:

    Very poor double dialogue ……a good story ruined by the double story in the back ground

  3. James Howells says:

    Is just my set up but does it really have a permanent false echo ?

  4. Alexa Penn says:

    holy whatever, i was just wishing for something with Bill Nighy, but figured i heard everything. so i was looking around, picked this, and holy cow here he is !!! totally amazed – thanks :}

  5. HELEN O'LEARY says:

    Brilliant play and cast! Thank you for uploading Arch!

  6. teda lyn says:

    TYVM Arch

  7. Bodegabreath 558 says:

    It happened to Conan Doyle. It could happen to anyone. And it does, every day, not necessarily with mediums and the spirit world, but rather with the hyenas in the real world who prey on the gullible and the susceptible, the vulnerable, through the medium of the never-ending spam phone calls and email. Of the top ten inventions, I’d have to put the telephone answering device as Numero Uno. If it wasn’t for that ingenious device we’d be answering the phone 24/7. Great work, ABS.

  8. sweets4mimi says:

    this sounds mildly like BSDM haha

  9. Michael Miller says:

    thanks so much… excellent

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