Barney Home Video Previews: The Classics (1988-2002)

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  1. Roberto Lucero says:

    Can you upload “Five Kinds of Fun!”

  2. Trokon Hufnagel says:

    1:05:50 Every parent's question when they buy a Barney video/watch the show…

  3. ShadowNick12 says:

    Barney's Musical Scrapbook Trailer
    Taken from What a World We Share 1999 DVD (FAKE)/Let's Play School 1999 DVD/More Barney Songs 1999 DVD/Barney's Super Singing Circus/Rhyme Time Rhythm/Come On Over To Barney's House 2000 DVD/Be My Valentine Love, Barney 2000 DVD (FAKE)
    Taken from Cyberchase: Gone with A Fog 1997 VHS/Camp WannaRunnaRound 1997 VHS/Barney's Adventure Bus 1997 VHS/Cyberchase: The Migration Situation 1997 VHS/Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood: Teacher Harriet and Friends Is Coming at My House 1997 VHS
    Taken from Cyberchase: Pymarid/Ride (Aka Jimaya Jim/The Creech Would Abe Crowned) 1997 VHS
    Taken from Ready Jet Go: Moon Circus 1997 VHS

  4. Jeff Marks says:

    10:45 1994 Allegra's Window & Gullah Gullah Island Debuted On Nickelodeon's Nick Jr!

  5. Terry Timbs says:

    Now on vhs From Hit Entertainment!

  6. Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment says:

    Here Is My Look For The Mario And Sonic Series
    Old Austin Dubinsky Age: 78 Features: White Hair White Beard White Mustache Red Eyes Long Ears Red Lips Sharp White Teeth Sharp Claws Fingers And Toes

  7. AJ Martino says:

    Barney's great adventure the movie was the first Barney movie ever

  8. Barney The Dinosaur says:

    I have really changed over the years.

  9. Lores Richardson says:

    I love the old Barney better with Luci Tina Michael Drick Min Kathy Tosha Shawn and the bigger Baby Bob.

  10. Terry Timbs says:

    Be My Valentine, Love Barney VHS Trailer
    Taken from:
    Barney Safety (2001 Reprint)
    Barney’s Musical Castle Live
    A to Z with Barney and Howdy Friends 2-Pack
    Barney’s Halloween Party (2001 Reprint)
    Barney’s Night Before Christmas (2001 Reprint)
    Be My Valentine, Love Barney (2001 Reprint)
    Barney: Let’s Go To The Zoo
    Thomas and Friends: Thomas Trackside Tunes
    Thomas and the Magic Railroad (Lyrick Studios Print)
    Bob the Builder: Can We Fix it
    Bob the Builder: To The Rescue
    Bob the Builder: Pets in a Pickle
    Kipper: Tiger Tales
    Kipper: Pools, Parks and Picnics
    The Wiggles: Dance Party
    The Wiggles: Wiggly Playtime
    The Wiggles: Wiggledance
    VeggieTales – Esther the Girl Who Became Queen
    VeggieTales – Lyle the Kindly Viking
    VeggieTales – The Ultimate Silly Song Countdown
    VHS Tapes
    Lyrick Studios VHS Tapes

  11. Isaiah Smith says:

    1:03:32 You Can Be Anything

  12. Kevin Dahlen says:

    Does Shawn, Carlos, Tosha, and Kathy appear in Barney's Fun & Games?


    I love to watch barney , because I'm really miss and love Barney

  14. lindsey paputa says:

    and looks different

  15. SuperSonicWarrior93 says:

    I want the new seasons of Barney & Friends to go back to this classic formula right here. I'd especially like for Bob West to come out of retirement and return as the voice of Barney, and for David Joyner to return as Barney's costume performer.

  16. SuperSonicWarrior93 says:

    Back when Barney was good. All the new stuff is trash.

  17. Timothy Ly says:

    57:57 That trailer is taken from No Barney Lyrick Studios VHS Tapes

  18. DefyantFox says:

    Okay…the nostalgia hit me hard once the stage show came on…

  19. Artica Kennedy says:

    You know what's odd about all these previews? They never did one for 1-2-3-4 Seasons. That fine by me, honestly, because that was my least favorite video in the entire series! Probably because the whole Oktoberfest scene turned me off!

  20. Maria Carmona says:


  21. Tal Tov says:

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  22. Jamal Malik says:

    Hy my frein

  23. Jamal Malik says:

    Hy my frein

  24. Bev Rowen says:

    Barney talks different in The Backyard Gang than Barney and Friends

  25. Matthew Bianchi says:

    I disagree with Barney. Going to new towns and new schools
    and making new friends is very, very, very, very dangerous.

  26. Lazzar Lifschitz says:

    old barney are the best

  27. Lawrence Charles Roelofsen Jr says:

    My Granddaughter love to watch Barney and she got me into watching it with her.

  28. Scottwilkie18 says:

    this is the Barney I grew up with everything else after this went downhill and it's all crap

  29. Emily Canty says:

    thank you barney

  30. Sandra Goodine says:

    BJ's treats

  31. Sandra Goodine says:

    Pippy popple peoploni pottzeria

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