Ayn Rand On The Absurdity Of The God Or Gods Of Religions

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Ayn Rand On The Absurdity Of The God Or Gods Of Religions.

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  1. ángely bustos says:

    I don't really get why invite a person to give her opinion about something when you're not going to let her speak and you're going to be focus on what you think, like it doesn't make any sense

  2. setmedic says:

    Atheists don’t say there’s no god. That would be just as arrogant as those who say there is…

  3. Complaining Qoheleth says:

    Ha! Religion is silly but objectivism makes sense. That's a good one.

  4. Isaac Low says:

    The proposition that there is a god(s) has not been proven. Therefore, I don't believe in a god(s). I think I would not call that atheism. That's just common sense.

  5. sharon nagle says:

    Creation…procreation…death…to me is proof of a god(what we call the creator).

  6. king here says:

    There are so many followers of rand today

  7. king here says:

    Its longback.. now scenario has changed

  8. mojokiss says:

    even back then, in the plastic fantastic 80's, there were young people who knew in their heart that the programming they've been fed is based on fantasy and mind control.

  9. rahul says:

    666th "like"
    Thought it was a good discussion, even if I disagreed with a few of her points. But. 😐

  10. nightheme 365 says:

    Can't believe I am the 666 person to like this! Lol. No reflection on Ayn. I like her. She took a lot of flack for her thoughts. This idiot is trying to make her look foolish.

  11. munna t says:

    the interviews is so dumb and arrogant that he has no idea what question is he asking .

  12. Haon Nesretep says:

    This man, like most of the media today is on a liberal agenda promoting, not his own beliefs and ideas, but that of what the masses think. Ayn Rand is very rare, being an individual who stands by her beliefs and values in the face of the angry mob.

  13. Nate Hoffman says:

    Funny how she is loved so much by god fearing right wingers in the US.

  14. Panini says:

    I wouldn't call myself an atheist, but damn that host could treat her with some more respect. He didn't even try to understand what she was saying.

  15. Storm Adams says:

    While, as somewhat of a 'neo-socialist', I cannot approve of her Objectivist ideology, you cannot deny that she has certainly hit the nail on the head; the grace in which she speaks is also a fresh contrast to the rudeness and patronising address given by the host.

  16. levidious says:

    I don’t agree with all of her ideas but I have a great respect for many others. You are misses Ayn Rand.

  17. Solehorizon says:

    Atheists are in a prison and they cannot escape it. Only when you open the eyes of your heart, you will be able to escape that prison. These lady's arguments have been debunked already.

  18. слава труд says:

    an objectivist wants a proof of god? has she not heared, that there can't be positive proof in science? you can only exclude hypotheses that failed in an experiment. this is modern philosophy of science (Karl Popper). So please, the question whether 'god' exists or not can not be the subject of knowledge!!! It is a question of belief.

    also, 'god' exceeds empirical measurement as well as our mental capacity. think about infinity. you can mathematically use the term, but you will never ever know what it looks like and if it concerns reality. still, we are taught to calculate with it in school, because it is a necessary construction/abstraction.

    every human being believes in something, at least that his perception of the world is right (until it is proven wrong). No sane person doubts, that the ground under their feet will continue to exist in the next moment, as they step onto it. still, no one can say they KNEW they would not live in a matrix. we have to believe in (until proven wrong, then adjust object of belief) and work with what we have. 'god' is a construct of human mind that comes with culture. culture is rooted in nature. what the real nature of nature is we can not know objectively, because we do not know the whole object. contemporary physics show, that we already fail to really understand, what we measure. Our perception is bound onto time and space. these have been proven to be subjective.

    So, in my opinion, with the term 'god' we try to describe the idea of an (or the) entity that transcends us. We are a part of it, we descend from it, so clearly our religious myhts have to be about our relation to the whole. who am I and what shall I do? however differently god was imagined throughout history, 'he' or it was imagined and projected until now! And you non-believers also have your idols, like individuality, nation, materialistic stuff, science, romantic love, etc.

    We will never get rid of belief. our responsibility as individuals and as a society is to gradually enlighten the myths as far as possible and reasonably work with the mythical rest to eventually become the best individuals we can be, that develop through working on the best society that can be. the perfect goal can only be the state of lack of contradiction, which is, of course, a paradise-goal, to be reached in infinity. think of it as the evolving reasonable projection of the relation of 1. yourself to 2. humankind to 3. the whole rest, that tend to be in harmony.
    we limited living individuals gain such existential goods: integrity, meaning, inner peace, autonomy, freedom! religion is the only thing that can provide us with morals, that are not set by authority, and we are even responsible for it if we consider ourselves human.

    Also i want to say, that most of you critics of religions should rather ask themselves in a philosophical way, what religion as such is PROPERLY, before dismissing the ideas of existing religions, that you obviously don't understand (that's why they sound so ridiculous to you, and makes your assertiveness appear even more ridiculous to me). Or would you say a painter can tell no truth with an abstract work? Only people who have no sense of aesthetic would say that.

  19. lion king says:

    for me., in my reasoning. it would be  absurd to believe in God .nothing can convince me.  i am fine with it. also fine with those who believe. would you believe a stranger if he came down from a mountain and told others God spoke directly to him?  most do not even know the origin of the so called holy books. so why trust those authors and the authenticity of those books?  let alone. base ones life on it.  and look at life in general . it is meaningless. just a wheel infinitely turning for no apparent reason. .where all who live must constantly struggle to survive and steer clear of disease and predator. its rather humorous when viewed like that. hope everyone is happy and free from suffering but that not is the case.   this is a hell hole and no one gets a free pass.believing or not.

  20. Michael Steven says:

    Most humans on earth are afraid to die and even more, want a place to "go to"..to see their loved ones, family, dogs and cats, and hell even Elvis..No one wants to believe they stop existing and rot back into the dirt..Thats why religion works and is so appealing..That's it!

  21. Luke Apap says:

    Are we ignoring the fact that religion is no longer based upon faith, that in our age of scientific discovery, that there is more proof in favor of theism than atheism? That it requires more faith to be an atheist than a theist? Atlas Shrugged was an amazing piece of literature, though.

  22. Shammo Hamid says:

    I love the fact that right wingers look up to her (I do as well) but they get disappointed when they realize she's an atheist and a feminist.

  23. Eddy Que says:

    ran looks less stupid today, considering that religion is seen as a gimick in 2017

  24. Ralf Ostertag says:

    Religion is responsible for most of the wars and misery in the past and now! Look at the continuous battle between christians and muslims! That is but one example. The need for external authorities like religion and government to guide our lives is actually a serious thinking default!

  25. Ralf Ostertag says:

    Ayn Rand was a genius while Donahue is mental midget!

  26. Samu Rai says:

    If everything was created, then whom…or what created God?

  27. Kolkata15 says:

    yes, atheists are just as arrogant

  28. Chris Ches says:

    It was a different time when atheism was considered in today's time a foolish ideology such as the belief in unicorns. Which is actually taken more seriously now than how atheism was at the time of this interview.

    She was way ahead of her time and it is a shame she did not receive the recognition and legitimacy we would have given her today

  29. sunia akaveka says:

    Psalm 14:1 KJV
    [1] The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

  30. deputydog7669 says:

    atheist fight for zion the pussy lion::)))

  31. Adam S says:

    Certainty is not required for knowledge, nor truth (at least not in the colloquial sense).

  32. Izzy G. says:

    i don't like how he's trying to convert her lol. Here's what i would say; the general public tend to believe whatever is told to them. Yes, someone hanging onto religious institutions is undoubtedly weak, which has always been man's natural state.

  33. Godngunclinger says:

    .. to prove that universal negative of hers she would have to be god. So to prove no God she would prove herself wrong.
    She seems purposefully ignorant of the fact that Bible believing Creationists have provided her with every good thing in society from the invention of modern science to the American political experiment to the education of the masses.

  34. blight salado says:

    My rational mind, which you extol greatly, tells me that the nature of
    material reality, which is contingent and transient, gives us a reasonable
    basis for believing in a non-material entity, which is essential and eternal,
    from which the whole of material reality initially came.

  35. hombredelamancha2 says:

    What is wrong with the american hosts? How come all of them appear to be so stupid; specially this imbecile, who went so far as to believe in stupidity, and worst: dreaming of being capable of arguing with Miss Rand. This guy must be retarded and certainly belongs in The Bellvue, not on TV. Besides, he forgat to complete High School. What a shame this people are for the shameless gringos.

  36. John Mclaughlin says:


  37. nariman41 says:

    Atheists in the comments….stop repeating the same primitive cliches. God damn, make up something really new, grow the fuck up.

  38. Maria Teresa says:

    "NO!….I HATE ZE STARS!!!….I no even LOOK at ze stars!" What a psycho…who doesn't love looking up at the stars, the moon…the planets at night? What a whack job!

  39. Maria Teresa says:

    What an ignorant BITCH…wow.

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