Ayn Rand on Reagan, Religion, and Abortion

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36 Responses

  1. Iminur Computorz says:

    Why didn't she lead by example and not burden tax payers? Why tf she think she was entitled to my parents money to support her at the end? All this hypocrisy :/

  2. newtreena says:

    Conservative men know she's right but they just can't give up in their desire to control women. Funny to watch.

  3. eviltreemonster says:

    Why do people hate her so much?

    I think most of the stuff she's saying here is true.

  4. Pedro Zaragoza says:

    I love Reagan and Ayn Rand. She is right that freedom is paramount and the views of some should never be imposed on others.

  5. aaron4wilkins says:

    Why is a transcript of this talk impossible to find? Why is it that someone who was a writer has only a video of a speech with no written record available on the World Wide Web of her speech?

  6. Επαμεινωνδας Κοσμας says:

    There's a hollow naivete in a lot of what she says. You'd think objectivism had ever worked somewhere even one time in history. It hasn't. Yet she speaks like it's obvious and we just need to follow her.

    Religion has kept entire peoples alive through some very dark times in history. The human's natural tendency to wonder about the impossible being possible in a mystical sense and bonding with other people that believe in the same thing the same way creates a kind of strength that has yet to be shown in atheism. We can't just assume that the current west will survive catastrophe based on their commitment to human rights.

    She may very well be right. But we don't know that yet.

  7. anarchismwithchinesecharacteristics says:


  8. sunia akaveka says:

    Wow, she's the first Libtard

  9. Free Alex Jones says:

    Ayn rand was a Fake Libertarian..Ronald Reagan was great

  10. Jack Haskell says:

    Rand could never fully trust Reagan because of his religious nature.  She once said to William Buckley, " You're too intelligent to believe in God".  What she could do though would be to admit to an error in judgment.  She acknowledges that anyone could error on the side of reason, and would have been the first to admit it.

  11. Arthur Schopenhauer says:

    Ayn Rand, Milton Fredman is there anymore I should know, so as to broaden my mind?

  12. Bambam Boom says:

    It makes me laugh how Republicans always hold up Ayn Rand as such a hero.

  13. DUF Garage says:

    Yep she's burning in hell.

  14. Pedro Zaragoza says:

    Reagan was an extraordinary president. He was very much a person who was practical, he brought a sense of true optimism and a more elevated philosophy to politics.
    Ayn Rand was brilliant, yet she spent too much time and energy fighting instead of simply expressing her views on freedom and the right of the individual to discover and live their own potential.
    Reagan and Rand where two giants with slightly different point of views. Though their differences were relatively small, they seem very distant.
    What I mean is that they both had a very high value of humanity and freedom and the greatness of humanity, yet Reagan believed in God and Rand did not. However, they both believed in our potential for greatness and that is bigger than any ideal.

  15. Yves Gomes says:

    That should clear any doubts about she being a conservative. lol

    She is going gangsta even on Reagan, who is often regarded a sa very pro capitalism president.

  16. Alger G.N. says:

    An advocate of reason. W o n d e r f o u l .

  17. LittleImpaler says:

    But she's right. the government has no say what one wants to do with the body. She has balls to question Regan.

  18. Bjswac says:

    No, Reagan was the best president in the last century. Check mate.

  19. Bjswac says:

    I don't agree with Rand in this one. Given that you'll inevitably have to live in a statist society, you have Reagan, the only candidate that has ever at least coincide with most of you philosophy and you bash him like that? Not rational.

  20. Eric Jenkins says:

    Please fix the audio. (right only.)

  21. KELLSONIC says:

    Now I love Ayn Rand and I see her as a well respected woman and the best writer ever. But what I don't honestly understand is how come Republicans hold her up to such a high stranded. Yes she was also a republican but as a republican she was also very pro choice, hated Reagan, and was a atheist. The 3 things a republican is not allowed to be.

  22. Harry Manback says:

    Had she lived longer, I wonder if her views on abortion would have changed when faced with the objective reality that the fetus is very much an alive, separate being? A woman has no more right to evict her unborn child from her womb than she does her 2 month child from their crib.

  23. Jillamina JJ says:

    Too smart for her own good. Accomplished, famous, self-sufficient, self-absorbed. Despised religion. Wonder what she thought when she closed her eyes for the last time and her spirit opened her spiritual eyes as she fell on her knees to the realization that she was created and beholden to her Creator…

  24. MrMortsnarg says:

    This makes me laugh so hard; all the right-libertarians that have to decide in their pea-brains which one to worship; Ayn or Reagan. While I disagree with her strongly on social issues, I respect her so much more for this.

  25. Brad Wiiams says:

    WOW! That is a response. It sounds as if based in priciples of reason and compassion.

  26. Paul Wheeler says:

    Advocate of reason? Bahaha. You atheist need to get over yourselves. How any law abiding American could accept this pathetic scum bags view of Reagan is baffling. The bottom line is liberals and their God hating selves need to be hung for treason. If you don't like how this country was founded around Christianity and Judaism, then you are a waste of air and should definitely brush your teeth with a pistol. Sadly the infectious disease of Liberalism is still growing in our great nation and its disgusting.

  27. EarthSurferUSA says:

    I want to know what Ayn Rand thought of JFK, and who/what assassinated him.

  28. EarthSurferUSA says:

    This is one area I disagree with Ayn Rand. "Abortion"

    I can fully understand her position on the woman's right to choose what to do with her body, but I don't think she went deep enough into the issue of individual rights for this issue.

    One requirement, if you want individual rights, is personal responsibility. If she gets a unwanted pregnancy, then it was her who was not responsible enough not to get pregnant (sans rape).

    It is 100% clear that Ayn is one of the, if not the, biggest advocate for individual rights for the living human being, but I want to propose the question, "Does the fetus have individual rights?"

    Make that a national question, it may end abortion, and we may also ask ourselves where our individual rights went.

  29. CFL says:

    I agree with her inti-feminists views, thats about it. Oh boy was she wrong about Reagan.

  30. grahepo says:

    i agree with her except for abortion as being a right, i don't think she would have liked it if her parents exercised their "rights" and aborted her

    i would agree however to abortion as being a right if both parents get neutered immediately after the abortion

  31. ASTROCHRONIC says:

    An advocate of reason would know that religion and faith in God are not the same thing.

  32. ASTROCHRONIC says:

    boy was this daffy atheist bitch wrong or what?

  33. Brad Wiiams says:

    I truly wish I new her much earlier in my life. Maybe I heard of her but was too ignorant or inmature to realize her genius.

  34. Miguel Torres says:

    there is no doubt she was poisoned….

  35. DeputyAndy1 says:

    She died in the wrong moment of the Reagan years.

  36. Steve of Unknown Kadath says:

    Ironically, Reagan destroyed the Soviet Union, which Rand detested as the model for evil in the world.

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