Ayn Rand on Donahue 1979 (3/5)

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Ayn Rand attacks altruism as evil and both defines and defends her philosophy of objectivism. Rand also explains how monopolies cannot exist unless they are supported by government erected barriers to competition.

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47 Responses

  1. Sean Joyce says:

    Fuck this Communist cunt

  2. Bryan Chandler says:

    I'm here from Your Welcome. It starts at 8:16

  3. jeffersonianideal says:

    One of the most brilliant thinkers of the 20th century and arguably, the most brilliant woman of her time.

  4. Dallas Marshall says:

    "Would you fight for anything?!"
    "… how did I get here?…"


  5. John Smith says:

    Donahue is a good host in these videos. He plays devils advocate and too many hosts today lick their guests backsides instead of grilling them. Iā€™m a fan of Ayn Rand and I want to see her given a hard time on her philosophy.

  6. Jason Michael Kotarski says:

    wow, phil really was an ass eh

  7. Jeff Dunam says:

    The girl was about to cry at the end lol. At first I wasn't sure why Rand was upset at the question, but when the girl finished it made sense. The girl wasn't asking a question she was positioning her opinion in an attempt to attack Rands intelligence.

  8. Machi says:

    Actually it's his job to keep the conversation going without drifting into a one-sided lecture. This includes contradicting her, of course, so she may expound on her points more explicitly. Rand re-appears on his show, if you haven't seen it, please watch it. Donahue is actually a really sweet guy.
    Just.. compare him to O'Reilly. Donahue actually was on O'Reilly's show, you can also watch that on youtube. He isn't as imbecile as he is forced to look on screen.
    You're still right, categorically.

  9. Nancy L. McGill says:

    Brilliant woman.

  10. Michael Minarik says:

    donahue is an infantile compared to her brain. Its sad.

  11. BlazedOvercoat says:

    I'm assuming like many others, you are saying Rand is a hypocrite for taking Social Security, never mind that she was forced to pay into that program. Your logic dictates that simply owning your work is an act of parasitism, no society could function from the social structure justified by any morality formed based on that premise.

  12. Lamprey Milt says:

    No way she was dead ON!!!!!!!!

  13. gusgusthegreat says:

    I've watched this video series several times over the past couple years, and the lady at around 8:30 inspires me to hate humanity every single time.

  14. Len Schulwitz says:

    See 1:04
    Donahue: "You're against forced taxation?"
    Rand: "That would be the last reform that I would advocate."
    Interesting. Galt's 1st order is: "start by abolishing all income taxes."
    By declaring that individuals should have no power to change the government until they have 51% of the vote, Objectivism makes individuals impotent.
    Compare this to Gandhi, who interpreted Jesus' "Render Unto Caesar" quote as encouraging "nonpayment of taxes". His result: he overthrew the British Empire.

  15. Yuri muckraker says:

    ayn rand was flat out wrong about feminism and issues facing women. flat out wrong!

  16. Anthony Dulaney says:

    She basically said "I am more educated so what you believe is below me". Would you not get mad too? How about look at it from Ayns position as well.

  17. jagize says:

    Ayn Rand has a problem with women taking handouts from the government, O the irony.
    That reminds me anyone care for a cigarette?

  18. xxcrysad3000xx says:

    I think it's still a useful metaphor even if its something of a relic of the past. If you take the Hobbesian view, as I do, that the state of nature is nasty, brutish and short, and that only through the very slow, meandering process of history did we come as far as we have, that we're essentially civilized to such an extent that we no longer need autocrats, God, or a large government to direct our actions. We're finally, after a time, able to govern ourselves, though we'll continue to er.

  19. Gtjg88 says:

    "ITT owns everything!!!" Wow how times have changed, and she said she didn't believe in capitalism

  20. intuitivebanana says:

    I'd react similarly. She insulted her.

  21. pwitte777 says:

    Original sin is a metaphor that serves the purpose of indoctrinating people early with an attitude that makes them prepared to repent for their mistakes. It is only logical in so far as it is probable to anticipate that you will screw something up by acting without reason or perhaps out of base desire. I don't believe it terrible to teach kids the process of repentance and apology, but to convince them that they are impure by nature and that they should feel an unconditional guilt is.

  22. brujah88 says:

    It's very interesting that the idiot asking the question at the end talked about the "power" held by conglomerates. In less than a decade, Rand would be proven correct, as billions of dollars were made breaking up such frims, and a great deal of money going into the pockets of men like Jerome Kohlberg, Henry Kravis, and George Roberts.

    Markets work, liberals don't!

  23. mark s says:

    O really like helping provide better roads so ppl can buy their products! Rand is brilliant you know nothing.

  24. Machi says:

    Rand believed that taxing people is already bad enough, but to spent the money on something which is, objectively, a bad investment, is worse. Taxes serve only a margin of functions that the government is intended for.

    >greedy bastards
    If anything, personally I regard greed as the one motivator or incentive that brought us the luxury of modern civilization and technology.

  25. Rob74466 says:

    "Voluntary taxation" is good place to start for an uneducated statement. Greedy bastards willfully paying taxes is a hilariously uneducated statement.

  26. Rob74466 says:

    You just did.

  27. Machi says:

    I don't think it is possible to contrive a more uneducated statement.

  28. Rob74466 says:

    Your false claim of being a free and responsible person is actually enabled by the socialist underpinnings of thia nation – not the winner take all free markets. All you Randians are propped up by government and socialism, but are too full of hubris and insecurity to admit it.

  29. Sean Withheld says:

    How is this so, Rob. I read you calling us names and stating the existence of proofs which you do not offer. You do not agree with a free market. You wish us to be "fettered" (chained). Why should we accept. So we might be seen as having a heart by those who would chain us. I choose to not be fettered. I choose to offer of myself to offer the same, by agreement and mutual respect.

  30. Sean Withheld says:

    What Ayn Rand has said is that we can not; in any way, free ourselves from consequences. When one action occurs there is consequence. If that action is ours, we are responsible. This is fact. No amount of denying intellect will erase it; or even aid in evading it.
    We would all be much better off of everyone began to act in accordance with this reality.
    Anything else is another form of death.

  31. Sean Withheld says:

    We have little or no control over this money monster. Our drugs are cheaper?! We can not tell you because so much is given to Pharmaceutical Companies in order to "research and licence" those drugs.
    The health care system in Canada is choking the country and Canada as a whole is looking desperately for ways to rid themselves of this system.
    So Michael; it is not as you are lead to believe, a single payer system. Just another chain. One which Obama has succeeded in shackling you with.

  32. Sean Withheld says:

    As for Canadian health care. Live it before you love it. Canadians pay over 55% (national avg 62.7%) of gross personal to taxes. Over half this wealth is thrown into the money pit of "Health Care". Many Canadians do pay user fees, many pay directly to their Province for their "right to free medical". Every company operating in Canada pays both federal and provincial fees and taxes. What do we pay for?! We don't know. we can not tell you how much an operation costs.

  33. Sean Withheld says:

    Michael… I study and teach economics in Canada. As for Faux News, I only derive my facts from where they originate, government, banks etc. I don't rely on others opinions or interpretations. I am not influenced, as you seem to be; by the agendas put forth from those who would and have deceived you and millions of others into thinking they are anything but what they are, which is another way to manipulate and enslave.

  34. Michael G says:

    Reaganomics started the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the country… you really need to go beyond Faux News to get your facts (they lie to you to).

    Oh, and Canada has better health care results (a proven fact) at half the cost, nobody dies because they can't afford insurance, and nobody goes bankrupt because they get sick (the Obama plan is nothing like the single payer Canadian plan… what planet are you from anyway?).

  35. Sean Withheld says:

    hope you didn't hurt yourself patting yourself on the back while taking credit for misconceptions.

  36. Sean Withheld says:

    I am afraid, Rob, you have it backwards. Reaganomics increased the middle class by a whopping 4 1/2 % ! Economically that is humongous! And the real beauty of it was that at least 80% of the increase came by way of escalating those from the under middle class segment.
    By contrast Obama's economics have decimated the country, copied one of the worst medical systems in the top 8 countries (that being Canada) and forced stagnation upon a productive nation.

  37. Sean Withheld says:

    In a truly free market society (system) it would be very difficult for 2 or more "rationally selfish" people to clash without an obvious solution. Even if that solution were straight head to head who wins the crown?; but just say it occurred 3rd party arbitration with an agreed upon authority would be one acceptable possibility, yes. The arbitrator need not be assigned by a government, only one acceptable by all parties.

  38. 33rdPatriot says:

    video note says she was connected w/ Rockefeller, NWO gang. her message jives w/ their motto. She was propelled to superstardom from nowhere. now her atla shrug reintro, in film format to hit up the new gen of know-nots w/ the msg compat w/ depop, socializt one-world / NWO. Hmmmm, me sees a pattern.

  39. Dannie0910 says:

    I didn't want to make a claim on what you previously stated because I wasn't sure if you actually meant what I interpreted it as. But now that you did, I can only base MY reasoning based on her other work. I don't think she meant it to be "Luciferian" because she didn't believe in hell or heaven. However, I do believe her ideology and philosophy is open to interpretation and if you believe it is, then go on! Who am I to tell you what to believe and what is right?

  40. 33rdPatriot says:

    it's not merely hinting, that IS their motto šŸ˜€

  41. Dannie0910 says:

    The problem with that idea sounding "Luciferian" is that you are hinting doing what you want to do as sinning. Rand supports doing what you want to do and being selfish as long as you are a moral and rational individual. If you were to "sin" or commit a crime, then you are not rational or moral because from rationality, according to her, comes the decision of hurting or not hurting others. Therefore, if you do use force against someone else, you are not evil but immoral and irrational.

  42. 33rdPatriot says:

    2:20 in — "you wanna do it, do it" — sounds like part of the Luciferian creed DO WHAT THOU WILT SHALL BE THE WHOLE OF THE LAW

  43. llamasarus1 says:

    i disagree with ayn rand on religion and i disagree with donahue on politics and economics. I still see rand as the winner though

  44. mrstockman says:

    I don't think you understand what i am trying to say. You wasn't there when i took the drink. Now what evidence do you have that I did? So by reason, you might believe what I said but you can't prove it? When I took the drink, I made sure that no one saw or heard me. No one could say that I did or not. I just made a statement and now it is up to yor to believe me or not.
    People can lie and get away with it. It happens all the time through the court system.

  45. mrstockman says:

    I could tell my family to lie and I could lie. My point is that I can say or do something and have no proof whatsoever to show you that I said or did something. For example, I drank water from the faucet 5 min ago. No one saw that I drank from the faucet. Now how am I going to prove to you that I did? Are you going to believe me or not? I'm making a statement of truth. Now it is up to you to believe me or do I have to show you proof. Somethings you take by faith by reason of peoples character.

  46. ddknyc says:

    Love this woman, watch Thomas Sowell for another great thinker.

  47. ddknyc says:

    You sound exactly the type of person who she warns us about and dislikes.

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