Ayn Rand: ‘I Would Never Vote for a Woman President’

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31 Responses

  1. peter kreisler says:

    Just show how childish the audience is, the same people who are shitting their pants about signals on their iphones

  2. MysticStrike ForceSSJ3 says:

    Because women are good liers and will start many wars and when a women does be a leader of the world and i know what she will do wants she steps into the office of leaders. First she will get all man in jail and make them regret what they did to all women and also put young boys and babies in harms way because she just hates man. I mean i can see all of this coming where women will walk around the planet while man are slave and keep putting in jail because females have even more power to use a man then she ever has. It will be quit scary but you know what it is scary because all the stuff i said might happen already has happen and i don't know why some females think they don't have power yet.

  3. Angel Messtanoffski says:

    As a male, i would love to see women run the world. I would even vote for one if she was qualified. There are many countries in the world in 2018 that have women leaders. America unfortunately is one that doesn't.  Margaret Thatcher is a great example of women leadership. Ayn Rand is Russian so she is a bit old fashion. Russia was run by Communism for many years and that political movement destroyed human progress!

  4. Nerian says:

    Change the title. She didn’t say “never”.

  5. Aurelia Cernea says:

    Such a wise woman…but of course, modern society takes pride in its stupidity. Anu abnormality becomes a right today.

  6. Eldergod Oni says:

    One of the extremely few truly intelligent women in history.

  7. Jeronimo Tamayo Lopera says:


  8. The Eh Team says:

    My country currently has a female prime minister and she is fucking the country over.

  9. twahlbrink0911 says:

    Haha. BOOM!!! That was 40 years ago. Think how bad people would freak out if she said that today.
    I love it and agree 1000%.

  10. Keith Moon says:

    ''Female'' president is the correct grammar. Who says ''man'' president.

  11. Ahmet Cemal Balcıoğlu says:


  12. Jason Workman says:

    Hurray for the truth!

  13. chippledon1 says:

    I agree!

  14. lynagy him says:

    I'm a libertarian. I'm all for free market capitalism. I seriously don't understand this argument. Even if it was rare that a woman was qualified to be the commander in chief of the American military, there would still be some who are qualified by the fact that they are rare but not nonexistent. This makes no sense whatsoever.

  15. Chris Regimbal says:

    don't worry Ayn, I'll never vote for a woman for any political position

  16. Carl Mikal says:

    A woman President does not mean she rules man. I thought this woman was smarter than that.

  17. Carl Mikal says:

    My girlfriend is tougher than most man and I know, and she will knock out your fucking teeth if you fuck with her.

    Case closed.

  18. Carl Mikal says:

    Contrary to popular belief, women have more balls than man, look at Cuba, who are the only ones with the balls to march in groups against the government, Las Damas en Blanco.

    Case closed.

  19. Carl Mikal says:

    Any is very confused. In the future, the feminine will dominate.


  20. 에피 says:

    the number of sexist fuckheads in this comment thread sicken me lmao

  21. Yasmine R says:

    This woman was INSANE,

  22. J Silva says:

    What a profoundly stupid thing to say.

  23. Jay says:

    Geez, no wonder the average disciple of rand lacks the ability to think critically. Dummies

  24. William Sands says:

    anne rand was a psycho path she was a truly evil person , and so are her followers , you are all sick in the head, no society can run on the values or lack of values you sick fucks put forth

  25. Nick Mayley says:

    Currently the POTUS is supposed to be the spokesperson of the Deep State. As such, a woman can fit the bill very well, probably better than a man. It all depends on the model of governance you are aiming for.

  26. Xavier Smith says:

    Oh my gaahd! She isn't a feminist! I can barely tolerate it!

  27. Will K says:

    0:12 Thug life.

  28. Rose says:

    But why? I'm not offended, I just want to understand

  29. thtguy ish says:

    Women hate women who have common sense

  30. jimbo nutrin says:

    She's right though. She isn't saying women shouldn't be allowed in positions of power, she is saying that it isn't in our best interest to be, in fact it's to our own detriment. In many ways.

  31. Batman Who Is Not Moody says:

    I like her straightforward.Well at least she never said women shouldn’t vote.

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