Author of Russia’s Pro-Family Laws on How She Got on Obama Anti-Russian Black List

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Elena Mizulina, President of the Russian Parliament Committee on Family Affairs, talks about traditional and family values in a society.
Source Tsargrad
There’s been a lot of talk in the western media about Russia’s unfair repression of homosexuals, especially around the Olympic games.
It turns out that, like a lot of what the western media writes about Russia, this isn’t really true, but that is a subject for another article.
We thought it would be interesting to listen to the author of the legislation herself. Her name is Elena Mizulina.
She sounds very much like a conservative American republican, talkig about Christianity and family values.
She’s very active on battling child pornography, is anti-abortion, and was a big supporter of the law outlawing profanity in the media.
Another interesting fact is that Mizulina was included on the US sanctions list from day one, for nothing other than authoring the pro-Family legislation. She really has nothing to to with foreign relations, military affairs, nor is she a rich powerful oligarch allied with Putin.
The legislation doesn’t prohibit homosexual activity, it simply forbids promoting homosexual lifestyles to children.
Somehow this put her at the top of Obama’s blacklist.
The logical conclusion, it seem to us, then, is that he supports promoting homosexual lifestyles to children.
Or are we missing something?
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25 Responses

  1. Boy Dylan says:

    "She" looks like a closeted dike. lmao

  2. Georgi Mihailov says:

    Yelena Mizulina is the devil. Rot in hell, MIzulina for all your crimes against people. She wanted "confiscate" children from parents.

  3. cristi1990an says:

    A shitty politician for a shitty country.

  4. Эммануил Бей says:

    Путин это марионетка Ротшильдов сегодня это стало ясно. Хуйло ебаное.

  5. Taqi Yasir says:


  6. James McLoad says:

    What a disgusting load of duplicitous, evil lies. Making something legal doesn't encourage the majority to do it. Gay marriage is now legal in America–has every American child turned gay?

  7. BriefCon1 says:

    Much of US people are smart and caring, it is their monster Gov that does all the shit around the globe. Well from now on shit in your own mouth and even better, suffocate.

  8. rickster348 says:

    – a lot of us here in America are on Obama's black list, too.

  9. GRUpac says:

    life is born in the east, death comes from west, Konstantinople will soon be free

  10. Julianna Drienyovszky says:


  11. salt trader says:

    Russia you have lots of hearts and eyes open in America. Elena M. kudos to you! you're an amazing person and your words couldn't be anymore true. with love from America <3

  12. Alex Xela says:

    And feminism

  13. Alex Xela says:

    Population will stabilise at 11 billion. Its idious hearing this explanation. The reason why family values are eroding is because Marxism is still having a massive affect on people, especially social marxism

  14. Alex Xela says:

    It's not about population control dumb woman.

  15. Roman de Caesar says:

    God Bless you Elena Mizulina, and thank you for preserving, protecting and defending not only Family Values, but also for ensuring that the demonic homosexuals will never have a stronghold in Russia or the rest of the world!!!

  16. Gilbert R Flores says:

    I'm an American and I say God bless this woman

  17. Sean says:

    i good cause in perilous times

  18. Tappedline says:

    Amen sister Amen

  19. Cmrd Knightmarez says:

    Can someone make an English-speaking version of this video. When i download it the subtitles are lost.

  20. croatian spartan core kuzman says:

    god bless you and youre book the real values that we should be fighting for … fuck the west and the liberal communists in europe and america all sick societys


    because, she is pro- family that's how…the homo and his drag- queen usurper in the gay house is a paranoid cracksmoker

  22. sevic333 says:

    Homosexuality is promoted by Jewish Lobby for the whole world. Rothchilds = 0 …Russia=1…….. Keep up the good fight Russia !

  23. Mike Knight says:

    Obama is a homosexual man married to a transvestite man (Michael referred to as Michele in public except when Obama misspeaks and says his true name – Michael). Obama is a phony American citizen, a phony heterosexual man, a phony peace prize recipient, a phony statesman (teleprompter man more like it) and a disgusting human being who represents the failing empire of the USA whereas the blacklisted Elena is a true person with values that support and care for others.

  24. Marisa Aguilera says:

    Zionist trying to destroy other country's cultures, traditions and values; mmmmm, that's not news- that's just another day at the office for them.

  25. Sherezade 786 says:

    We stand by you Elena Mizulina. Thank you for standing up for family values and for the protection of children against Obama and the Zionist pro gay and anti family agenda.
    Obama and his black list can go to faggotry hell which on reflection will be heaven for him and Manchelle Obama!

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