ASMR 127: Disproving the Flat Earth Theory with Physics | Arthur C. Clarke

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24 Responses

  1. Jonny Dalling says:

    Great video. I'm guessing this is the explanation (by Carl Sagan) that you're talking about…

  2. Brad Partain says:

    Aren't foot-pounds used for measuring torque- not thrust or specific impulse or delta V of a rocket?

  3. Natural History Central says:

    Fun fact: Arthur C. Clarke has a dinosaur named after him, known as Serendipaceratops arthurcclarkei , an ankylosaurid based on an ulna.

  4. Rap Lawyer says:

    Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood basement.

  5. Rap Lawyer says:

    "That was a beautiful sunset (truth hidden in plain sight)". " No Billy, that was a beautiful earth rotation."

  6. Rap Lawyer says:

    "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." – Albert Einstein

  7. Rap Lawyer says:

    The earth is flat. NASA lies. Planes would fly faster from LA to NY if the earth rotates east to west. Ships dip below the horizon due to the law of convergence and the limitations of human perspective. Natural science, a method of induction, can be utilized to prove the earth is flat, while theoretical physics hold axioms true without criticism; mathematics skewed to a replete level of difficulty does little to describe our natural world as perceived by our senses five when formulas applied to reality don’t hold water (pun intended). Water always forms to its container. How does water hold to a spinning ball rotating at 1,000 mph? Revolving at 66,666 mph and expanding at 666,666mph(666, mark of the beast much?); and yet, each night in the sky the same blueprint, and the north star never moves and is always fixed? Where oh where is the parallax? 🙂 8 inches x miles squared… much?

  8. Rap Lawyer says:

    8 inches time mile squared applied to reality disproves curvature.

  9. Dave Freeman says:

    Greetings Earthlings from FLAT EARTH Highlands of Scotland

  10. Twisted Chains says:

    In the beginning of the video, you hope to debunk or disprove the flat Earth. But you're not interested in just finding out what the truth is, regardless of what the outcome may be. Flat Earth, ball Earth, triangle Earth, doughnut Earth, etc., whatever. Only thing you seem to be interested in is trying to hopefully back up your preconceived notions. Well, guess what buddy, you sound just like the typical globe earther who isn't interested in the truth, but just doesn't want to have their world view challenged. Think it's a "phenomenon" that people might be perceptive of truth and facts? Well, guess again: it's just a natural thing, my friend.

  11. KingWallace01 says:

    Was the intro music boards of Canada?

  12. NooMax4ever says:

    You can’t debunk it you can only hide it.
    I’m only here to say you know you are spreading a lie.
    Why don’t you do something more useful & prove how it’s impossible to have two different pressures just hanging out next to each other without a container?
    Dude there’s so many things pointing out that you are lying.
    You all are sad.

  13. S A D - E G G says:

    Lol the 11 dislikes are from flat-earthers

  14. 4pretend says:


  15. Lego Universe Returns says:

    The earth isn’t real.

  16. ASMRWhisperingSpirit says:

    Oh you read so well. . I love this!:)

  17. shenanigans says:

    I'm an Arthur C. Clarke fan but his history is off. Columbus was NOT seeking to prove that the earth was round. That myth was created by the 19thC American novelist Washington Irving. In fact, the notion that medieval people thought the earth was flat is one of the biggest historical myths. Common people might have assumed it, but educated people and sailors all knew the earth was round (sailors because they could see land rising up on the horizon). Medieval people did, however, underestimate the SIZE of the world. This was due to a number of reasons. Firstly, because the Greek geographers, such as Eratosthenes who was the first to calculate the earth's circumference (with astonishing accuracy!), did not entirely agree among themselves on the size of the earth. Ptolemy, published two different accounts of the earth's size. His "Geography" was a very influential text with medieval geographers and they repeated his mistakes. Also, many of the ancient Greek texts that came back to Europe via the Islamic world (remind people that it was Islam that saved WESTERN civilisation next time someone says some Islamophobic shit) used their own measurement systems which were mis-translated from Arabic numeric system, resulting in figures that suggested that China was only about 6000kms to west of Europe, thus prompting Columbus' quest for an "alternative" route to the Orient and his accidental discovery of the Americas. Like me, I suspect you find real history more amazing than anything anyone could invent!

  18. ANTI-ZION says:

    Arthur c Clarke. Freemasons and a sex offender..

  19. Faw rrest says:

    smh globehead

  20. marcus Vass says:

    Quoting a key player in the pseudo science athiest heliocentric deception as proof is hilarious. He was a science fiction writer & this is just more science fiction. The rocket could go back the way it came, well thank you for that detailed explanation. He also invented satellites don't you know. Well he predicted them. He predicted them some 10 years before someone else made one. Wow, a coincidence. It was the size of a football. Now they are alegedley the size of a bus. Funny how they have got so much bigger in 60+ years totally against trend of usual advances in technology. He also worked very closely with Stanley Kubrick during the making of 2001 & 1969 a moon oddity. He was probably working for british inteligence & was the brit agent involved in pathing the way for the space race & moon landing hoax with the use of his SCIENCE FICTION. As you are demonstrating he is just trying to explain the unexplainable & attempting to dispell previously held logical understandings with utter babble & nonsense. Nobody should present fiction as truth but they did & we all bought it. Sticks in the ground & shadows dont prove shit. If the earth was round you would see curvature. The earth is flat & if anyone can see curvature then its time to visit an optician because youre seeing something that just aint there.

  21. Edge Of Light says:

    I was reading Sagan's Pale Blue Dot a few weeks ago and it's impressive when you look at history how humans always find comfort in ancient beliefs even when facts are out there.

  22. Rizal Jose says:

    Earth is flat, this book does not disprove that the earth is flat lol. Where is the evidence(s), you didn't show a single proof lol

  23. ASMRWhisperingSpirit says:

    It's very relaxing when you draw. . .

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