Arthur Miller interview (1992)

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A conversation with playwright Arthur Miller about why he chose to be a playwright, Marilyn Monroe, and public policy in America.
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18 Responses

  1. Manufacturing Intellect says:

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  2. Mark Leslie says:

    I’m sure Miller the interviewed was exhausted listening to the interviewer.

  3. Chris Pritchett says:

    Charlie Rose is abrupt,

  4. Chi Chi says:

    Can you imagine the crowds who love flashing lights, bootie and bling (like Beyoncé concert-goers…and who we are now) sitting down and going crazy about a brilliantly written play? Write new ones? Hell, the old ones aren’t even known about now. Our education is just a babysitting routine now.

  5. Chi Chi says:

    Everything gets back to education. It’s the absolute foundation of not just Western civilization, it’s any civilization. America has been dumbed down. Zero teaching of anything of the past. Reading? Writing? No teaching with passion for literature (from ancient to contemporary).

  6. vadllens01 says:

    charlie is a dumb fuck but miller makes it awesome

  7. Tarjei K says:

    great guy!!

  8. C Hartmann says:


  9. Syzeitgeist says:

    Which Olivia and Richardson does he refer to as accomplished actors?

  10. Skip Minnow says:

    Charlie Rose never disappoints in his dopiness.

  11. Jackson Day Lewis says:

    My great grandfather, never had the chance to meet him

  12. Sean Wiberg says:

    charlie rose is illuminaughty

  13. David Kast says:

    the cost of real estate in Manhattan has absolutely had an influence on the plays that are on Broadway now. I have been saying that for a while.

  14. Gerard Nejman says:

    Awesome INSIGHT into the PARALYSIS of the present world DUE to no sense of their own PAST.

  15. ILLFilms says:

    Charlie Rose is SHUT UP

  16. Lazarett says:

    Very interesting man . Can be better if we can see only him on a close focus .

  17. steve conn says:

    Fuck, what is with Rose and his obsession with "You haven't been as good since your first thing"?  He did the same with Coppola and the first Godfather, here with Miller and Death of a Salesman. Get off it,  man.

  18. Travis Hunt says:

    Watching this with Hamilton being out chances the entire idea of the beginning of this interview

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