AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1 Question 4

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32 Responses

  1. Xavier Ham says:

    Exams in one week let's go

  2. Ardainian Soldier says:

    Do you sell physical copies of your eBooks or are they exclusively eBooks?

  3. Alexander Long (Student) says:


  4. Bilal Ali says:

    how many pee chains foe this questions

  5. Tenebrous Gaming says:

    Anyone revising for 2018 November mock?

  6. CrispyFries_21 says:

    mr vince anyone?

  7. KungPoKeiraMSP says:

    What level would you give the model answer?

  8. -Lyronite - says:

    Resit in 1 hr, worked really hard, hope I don’t screw this up

  9. Baby Melss says:

    My exam is in 5 minutes I’m going crazy

  10. Naughtons garage says:

    Resit today rip

  11. Oscar Tilley says:

    Lol, who’s a resit here?

  12. Anna says:

    2019 Gang ? Here for mocks or GCSEs

  13. H D says:

    Your to an extent point could be because he has done this for nearly two years so as a reader you won't know what you're doing for the experiment.

  14. zina says:

    how many paragraphs should you do?

  15. Jaimol John says:

    What e-book talks about how to write pee paragraphs?

  16. barbie brian says:

    mr bruff i was always the stupid one in class and having my teacher praise in front of the whole class yesterday for my amazing answers was all thanks to you! honestly thank you soooo much!

  17. 2SIK ICE says:

    does it have to be a balanced argument my teacher told me it does nt but i don't believe her

  18. ItzSammy says:

    Do you write 3 paragraphs for agree

  19. ItzSammy says:

    For q4 how is it structured

  20. jumpedupbitch101 says:


  21. Balpreet Uppal says:

    My test is in 19 hours 14 min

  22. Lena says:

    Hello how are you

  23. SmerkzMadeIt says:

    Q4 is 15 marks

  24. fetis deletis says:

    What structure would you use to write this (peele or a different one. Please someone help I need it asap)❤️

  25. Shark Fin191 says:

    Watched – yr 10

  26. Mee Fort says:

    Anyone got mocks tomorrow

  27. Sun Trail says:


  28. Shams Rahman says:

    Half an hour is exam

  29. Ece Dogan says:

    Time to nail this Language exam… Thank you Mr Bruff I have learnt more from you in these videos than I have in school!

  30. Elle Northway says:

    half hour before the exam?

  31. Alliyah Begum says:

    lol an hour to the exam and I’m still looking back at this video

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