Anthony Hamilton – Charlene (AC3 Stereo)

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Baby I’ll be
Sitting here waiting on you to come home again
I won’t leave
Promise I’ll be here to the very end
By your side
To protect you and to love you and to be with you for life
Come on home to me Charlene

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41 Responses

  1. Dayna Fischer says:

    Soll ich deine neue charleen sein?

  2. doebaibee Jameson says:

    Hay do you remember when I got a new rhino for the hippo of its not.

  3. Open Eyz says:

    So…what happened to him? I guess he didn't sell his soul. Stay true wherever you are bro.
    You and Kem: the last of the real music.

  4. CreoleKisses 2 says:

    My Jam

  5. Bryson Cherry says:

    So she leaves him because he's on the road working? Of course. Entitled selfish woman.

  6. Liteskin Rasta says:

    2019!!! Still bumpin

  7. Betty Moore says:

    My mommy and her music that's where I get it from may she RIP

  8. Derrick Witter says:

    I love to listen to love songs, feels good.

  9. sylvia frisbee says:

    This song is mies nd brandons

  10. Drayke Turner says:


  11. SOUND GODS says:

    first one of 2019… who wishes timeless music like this would come back?

  12. Pamela Taylor says:


  13. Tiff Sebb says:

    Im in jan 19

  14. Annie Packard says:

    Love this song

  15. R&B Beats says:

    Pure classic

  16. Thuli Jabu says:

    Who is still playing it on 2019…I'm

  17. Lowell Thompson says:

    Good music. I don't even know a Charlene and this makes my eyes water…

  18. Maurice Jones says:

    Anybody still listening to this song 2019

  19. Amaes Inc says:

    Did she ever come back is the question???

  20. Rome Gibbs says:

    2019 anyone?

  21. malachipowell23 says:

    It’s 2019 and this still bump

  22. Duwop Johnson says:

    This shit so hard

  23. Vanessa Leonardo says:

    My Man…

  24. Kellie Hill says:

  25. Beloved Royalty says:


  26. Thalmus Johnson says:

    Bet y'all didn't know he was from Charlotte nc. my hometown Dalton Village stand up

  27. Cristina Medrano says:


  28. Alisha Wilson says:

    hes the greatest of all time this will always be one of my faves

  29. kimberlee225 says:

    Here for it in 2019.

  30. Honey Jones says:

    2019??? Who listening with honey

  31. Joseph Bradby says:

    Guys listen to your woman before you find yourself without the best part of your life, I was lucky enough that she loved me enough to weather the storm.

  32. Black Gaming Mafia says:

    2k19 listeners where yall at

  33. marquette seaton says:


  34. Shamika Abney says:

    Grown folks music!!!! PLZZZZZ don't sleep on ANTHONY!!!!!!!! ONE OF MY FAV SONGS!!!

  35. George Burney says:

    Im 14 years old and my dad showed me this song when i was 11 dedicating it to my mom to take him back

  36. Djthegamer Haden says:

    Wow my dad left yesterday morning and it’s hurt me vary much and antimony really a man

  37. Jennifer Hatcher says:


  38. Harris Jons says:


  39. Lula tá preso, babaca diz: says:

    Sério que o nome dessa música é Charlene?❤

  40. jeston lott says:

    2019 anyone?? Where the beautiful queens at

  41. Naomi Rich says:

    January 2019 and I will forever love this song scratch that love me some Anthony Hamilton. He is just as good live as he is on recordings …true talent

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