Alternate History: What If Russia Became Fascist?

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What if the Russian White Army had been led to victory in the Russian Civil War by Admiral Kolchak? In the absence of the Romanov family, could Russia undergo a Pan-Slavic, Eurasian revolution under Supreme Leader Kolchak?

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38 Responses

  1. th3gr8makar0sc 666 says:

    Wouldn't Koltrack join the Axis powers?

  2. Teutonic Knight says:

    Kolchak was a revisionist he probably would have fixed the industry

  3. orcawalrus says:

    what about the white army attack on the anarchists?

  4. Йцукенгшщзх Фывапролджэ says:

    It actually is

  5. Meditating Jesus says:

    They would have a lot of changing todo as fascists to deal with the massive non-white populations of the ussr .

  6. Adolf Hitler says:

    would be much better and would not give problems !

  7. The Absurd says:

    Well… depending on your position on Leon Trotsky…

  8. I AM A BEING says:


  9. Konstantin Rodzaevsky says:

    you left out konstantin rodzaevsky the leader of the FRP

  10. Etzio Vitellechi says:

    Mr. Z, why can’t I find the Fascist world video anymore, did you delete it?

  11. Nils Hansen says:

    What if Russia became Nazi and France fascist, but Germany communist and Italy liberal? (Anschluss Poland, annex Bessarabia, Baltic, almost all Finland) Thousand-year Rus!

  12. Psyduckcham says:

    Advantage in winter thawed away

  13. Thebatmantyler says:

    I have a better out come of Russia going fascists the Hearts of iron 4 Kaiserriech time lines the nationalist populist party NRPR leader Boris Savinkov

  14. matrixlord _ says:

    If he United with hitler then the UK wouldn’t have any resources incoming and being really good with the navy that would make an OP germany since that’s what germany lacked tbh

  15. zombiepixlez gamer says:

    well I think with the fascist power of Russia and germany I think Russia would've joined the allies having a common goal of sayng byebye to the jews

  16. John Teslov says:

    Russia is already practically fascist now

  17. Jake Mccarrey says:

    hey, at least its better than communism. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  18. The Memester Gangster says:

    My idea is that Russia would have formed an alliance with other Fascist countries such as Germany, Italy and Japan as in this alternate universe, Germany did not push East into Poland, but instead focused on pushing West into Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but still made up some reason to justify the invasion to not trigger a world war, and then attempted to slowly spread its influence into other countries. Due to there being a fourth member of the Axis, the Axis were able to win WW2.

  19. SoulStriker 13 says:

    Too bad you can't like a video twice.

  20. uberkogle says:

    0:44 That's… Goebbels, not Kolchak?

  21. Joseph Stalin says:

    i like the Siberian rifle man march you put in the background

  22. Rekoken says:

    But there was a real facist in soviet Russia.

    Konstantin Rodzaevsky.

    Let's say he gained popularity and managed to overthrow Stalin.
    The Russian army could be so mighty it would be stronger then what stalin could ever dream of.

    And plus
    No more starving.

  23. Kostas says:

    Russia would certainly not industrialise in the first 10 years or so,since if the White Army had a larger capability of defeating the Reds,(as in here),the civil war would've been 10 times worse.Second,I don't think that Kolchak would ruin relations with America and Britain since they won him the war.Third,Industrialisation would come on the 1930s as in the Soviet Union.Also,if Russia was fascist there is a large probability that Russia would join the Axis.

  24. Luke N says:

    This is a Butt kickin'n terrifying what if…., Had Russia become Facist there may have very well allied with Facist Germany. A Facist allied German N Russia would have brought a World wide tragedy of unprecented proportionss…

  25. INF1D3L010 says:

    Learn how to use an audio compressor, dude. Those volume spikes are annoying as fuck.

  26. Ross Williams says:

    What if Alexander Hamilton didn't die in a duel with Aaron Burr
    My reasoning
    1)Alexander Hamilton was a federalist and pro national banking; Civil war may have been different
    2)Was vehemently opposed to slavery, and wanted to go to war with France over the Louisiana territory instead of pay for it
    He was influential in the Revolution and played a bigger part in the new nations economy and banking than most Americans are aware, since he never was president.

  27. Gregoire Lenoel says:

    Not only Kolchak, but Lavr Georgevitch Kornilov as well. He wanted all the same a national ideal of authoritarian regime. Kornilov was dead before Kolchak though. He was called to beat the Bolchevik when they tried to take over the government in october, but he was so violent the government joined the bolcheviks against him temporarily, then called someone else for help (the first of 5 times st petersburgh changed hands in the russian civil war).

  28. Gena Crawford says:

    I think that Russia would make the first move in expansion and eventually invade Germany thus Russia would start ww2

  29. Spoidah Boite says:

    E R E C T F O R K O L C H A K

  30. PattonGaming says:

    K O L C H A K

  31. Will 72277 says:

    What if general Kornilov's coup in 1917? had succeeded?

  32. CV & K says:

    Beyond nationalist tendencies can someone please explain how the state-controlled economies and authoritarian rule of the fascists were any different than the Soviets or Chi-Coms? I mean I guess there is the argument that they were both into identity politics and division just one was ethnic and the other was class based.

  33. Amer g. Otok says:

    Kollchak? Kornilov would be much more realistic

  34. Jonathan Osako says:

    Why would hitler attack Russia or even raise in power in this senerio? Hitler can not use the fear towards communism to rise in power. I think Germany are likely to become communist in this senerio. And communism would be considered as the ultimate bad guy in this world.

  35. Make Prussia a thing Again says:

    I love fascism in Russia

  36. Jackson says:

    What is the music in the background

  37. M. Ostrowski says:

    Western Europe making shitty judgements since 1918.

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