Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express Walkthrough – Part 03

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7 Responses

  1. Icicle173 says:

    I love how dramatic the music is for a train journey 🙂

  2. etraig says:

    the're all just sitting around letting their food get cold!
    at least they should be shown cutting or something 😉

  3. thepcgamewalkthrough says:

    @Vanna6345 Can't be helped if you're too stupid to filter through search results.

  4. Vanna6345 says:

    Keep your little gamer crap off of serious movies. I have to have to wade past this mess. grrr.

  5. buffyspice88 says:

    @furrowin Well ATTWN was the same all these games follow the same except the end cos who wants to play a mystery game where everything is the same as the book u can't always get perfection. I think ur expectations r a bit high but this game looks good enough to play like the 1st 1.

  6. wildtk123 says:

    his voice sound different to me.

  7. thepcgamewalkthrough says:

    Several of the passenger's dialogs are from the book too.

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