A Charming Note for Sir Terry Pratchett

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Books count among our best teachers. I have learned something from every book I’ve ever read, no matter how boring or badly written I considered it to be. Certain books shape people in profound ways — for me, that includes Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels. Pratchett unfortunately passed away in 2015, leaving behind millions of loyal readers, myself included. Like many authors I admire, I never tried to contact him, fearing that meeting one my heroes would result in a disheartening or troubling realization. By the time I figured out I really ought to have reached out to Pratchett, it was far too late.

I was inspired to make this video reflecting on Pratchett’s death, not only because I adore his Discworld series, but because I regret never attempting to contact the man whose work had such a great influence on me. I filmed things I encountered in everyday life that I thought reflected how I feel about my favorite author’s death, his works, the possibility of meeting my heroes, and my efforts to work past my fear of doing so.

This video is my way of letting Pratchett know I appreciated what he created, and that it has shaped me for the better. It is also my way of reminding myself that there is likely very little to lose in connecting with writers I admire beyond the page — like their books, meeting them may change me for the better.

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