2016 PEN World Voices Festival: The State of the City – New York

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In NYC as elsewhere, metamorphosis is a violent act. Every new influx creates an equal expulsion. Gentrification is as old as the city itself, but is the real estate-driven transformation to a safer and more affluent community worth the obliteration of what existed before.

Participants: Fran Leibowitz and Richard Price

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16 Responses

  1. Jason R Stanton says:

    Hello fran,,, and panel ,,,from ft sumner, nm,,

  2. Marcus D'Andrea says:

    That guy needs to stop talking. He wants to chime in after every time someone says something of value with a 'witty' remark that's not witty. I cant stop cringing.

  3. JBO2493 says:

    Poor Fran having to share a platform with these useless entities…

  4. JohnBelz says:

    Chicago is not a great city. Any city as windy as Chicago is MUD.

  5. liam niew says:

    new yorkers…are assholes…..ask ANYONE FROM ANYWHERE…

  6. GreySH101 says:

    I live in Maspeth Queens. I hear “NYC” accents in all the 5 boroughs. It’s a working class accent. I travel for work daily. It’s a class thing. Mr Price sounds like he grew up working class but I don’t think these people associate with people outside their class. That said I like Fran and Richard. To say a nyc accent is dead is untrue. What is more true to say is that you no longer hear that accent in the streets in areas that are desirable to live. They were forced out when the real estate A-holes moved in on their life long homes. NYC has become remarkably douche filled with upper crust. Serves them right that they are empty on the inside.

  7. LyleDeYounges says:

    That man does not know how to speak.

  8. Cathy Song says:

    Mediocre interviewer

  9. Joe Pecoraro says:

    Katie Halper!!

  10. krisperkarl says:

    The interviewer must GO! Why doesn't Fran have her own show ?
    I fucking love her!

  11. mallory says:

    When I lived in NYC I was safer than I've ever been in upstate NY. I think it's the happy family values that makes it so dangerous for me.

  12. Lemon says:

    It's so tedious to have to skip that lackluster & pretentious douche in the middle. More Fran!

  13. crezman says:

    Fran shouldn't share the stage with most people especially this guy and interviewer.

  14. A H says:

    IS it just me or does the "born and raised in Manhattan" interviewer have a very smug, self-satisfied demeanor? No one cares about your observations.

  15. Justin Stewart says:

    Most enjoyable

  16. Ashley Romero says:

    Love Fran. I don't know why the interviewer keeps inserting her own thoughts/opinions. Not interested in you lady.

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