2014 Range Rover Autobiography LWB — Driven

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TopSpeed.com’s Mark McNabb spends a week with the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography LWB, testing everything from on-road driving and its luxurious appointments to its Terrain Response 2 system.

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6 Responses

  1. Amur AlAmri says:

    ممتاز ما احلا هالموتر

  2. Charles Thomas says:

    very good review

  3. Joe Smoe says:

    one of the worst reviews, good thing the driver was a cutie hottie, call me good looking….

  4. ycnexu says:

    Not a single shot of the car. Only the stupid face of the reviewer for 8 mins. Bad practice.

  5. punchthedog says:

    An 8:34 review with less than 30 seconds of footage of the car. Learn how to voice overs.

  6. Monteiro Sanches Monteiro says:

    …Fala muito e demonstra pouco.

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